GP's a waste of space.

GP’s a waste of space.

GP’s a waste of space. Interested to know what peoples GP’s are like, i am really disappointed with mine.

I know i am a panicker so i asked him some time ago how would i know if something is just ‘normal’ pain or more ‘serious’.
His reply was 'if its new and last for more than about a week then it needs lookin at.

So i get the courage to go as my past posting tells how scared i am of docs and hosp. This shoulder blade back pain is awful.
I told him i was breathless at times, he listens to my chest says its clear and take pain killers.

I am distraught , i have never had pain like this the other night i woke every hour with it.
I have just got my life back on course after fighting depression, doing courses as i packed up my job after chem couldnt face going back.
Lots of nice things planned but i feel ill with this pain and am finding i am crying again alot. with fear.

I have an onc appt on the 8th Mar just hopin i can keep going til then.


Liverbird get on the blower to your Breast Care Nurse for pain to be investigated by surgeon and also to onc’s secretary who should give you a pronto appt to see onc. Don’t hang around suffering - no need to go via GP post op and chemo. Go direct and no time’s wasted.
Best wishes for innocent explanation for your pain and for getting it dealt with whatever is causing it, dilly

Hi Ruth - are there other doctors in the practice? Could you see on e of the others? Dilly’s advice is spot on, but you don’t have to have the same doctor all the time if you are not happy with him.

hi ruth I agree with dilly contact BCN or onc., sec.,
I’m fortunate in that my GP is wonderful…he isn’t the one in the practice i’m registered with but met him bout 15 yrs ago and have always seen him since.
I know how much your worried ruth please ring someone tomorrow.

karen x

Hi Ruth

Contact the Onc immediately - I am surprised that you have not been told to do this by the Onc team, I was. Try to see this as your right and not as you being an imposition. As secondary patients we are VIPs - let’s face it we have been in the front row for all the sh** with this disease so why not the front row for the treatment.

I will be hoping for an innocent explanation for your shoulder pain!


Lost respect for GPs Hi Liverbird

There are 6 GPs in my practice and I fully trust only one of them. The rest are either Tim Nice But Dim (wonder how they got through med school) or they have no bedside manner. Unfortunately I saw one of the Tims when I first discovered my lump. She dimissed it as a cyst and I wasn’t diagnosed until 8 months later.

When I see any of these GPs about my cancer and treatment I have to educate them. Sadly that’s the reality with most GPs - they have a good basic knowledge but aren’t up-to-date with individual conditions.

I agree with the others that you should ignore your GP and go straight to your onc or breast care nurse. They know best what you’re going through.

Good luck.

Lola x

I went to see one in my practice about getting some insurance forms signed as I was diagnosed 5 days before my holiday last year and felt I had to cancel. The GP I saw is known for treating people with depression and things like drug and alcohol problems. TBH, he is one of the most depressing people I have ever met in my life, his work must rub off on him! When I explained my diagnosis he just kept saying “you are speaking to the wrong person, I know nothing about breast cancer”. Needless to say I won’t go back to him - I only went because no-one else was available.

my g.p. First of all I completely agree with Dilly.
I didn’t really look at the date of your mail. So hopefully you have been seen by a competent and understanding person. And have all your worries been reasured.
When I went to see my G.P. her reaction was, Yes there is a lump but you are still breastfeeding so it is probably nothing. I am contemplating WAITING.
But I must have given her a look, so she said but since you seem to want to I sent an urgent appointment through.

So I have no complaints about how I was seen to. But it has worried me since what would have happened if someone else had walked in that consulting room with the same problem. Someone who would have been a bit more shy and has not got the medical knowledge that I have.

Hope you have seen a docter quick and I hope you have been reassured.