Grade 1 diagnosis from screening mammogram

Hi, I was diagnosed a week ago. Boy it’s been a long week! I’ve been told it’s Grade 1 ER+ and I have my operation for lumpectomy on 15th July. Biopsies will also be taken from lymph nodes to check for spreading of the cancer, which they suspect is not the case, luckily. I can’t believe this was caught on my first screening mammogram - what an incredibly valuable service the NHS provide. I’m writing a blog to help me process if anyone would like to read: IT’S ALL GONE TITS UP (

I think the denial is still very much there, I keep saying the word “cancer” but it just won’t penetrate. Perhaps that’s my bodies way of coping. Just leaking a little at a time to help with acceptance.


Wow it seems to have happened quite quick for you. It is a roller coaster of emotions isn’t it. 
I’m not hiding away from the word cancer, I think there’s so much stigma and fear about the word.

I’ve told all of my colleagues, close family and one very close friend.

I hope your operation goes well.

will check out your blog

Lou x

Hi @Lemonsqueezy  

Not the same path as you but I went through all of my treatment several months ago chemo, surgery and then radiotherapy which finished in late April.
I detected my cancer found a lump went to Docs, and then wow the journey began.
I went through the whole process on autopilot, I was treated well on all counts, and to be honest each treatment went well I suffered no adverse side effects from any of it.
Before the diagnosis I could not even watch a commercial that mentioned cancer - why (I have no idea) but once I was in treatment I seemed to lose that fear.
We are all different and there is NO right or wrong way to handle this, or as to how we will feel on a day to day basis - I found it best to just go with how my body and mind felt. I was determined not to let cancer become me even when my hair fell out (and believe me I am not one of those that looks good hairless) so I bought lots of crazy colourful hats I did not try and hide my cancer but found a way to make me smile and keep me going.

When going through chemo I was waking up at about 4.00 am and making cheese and pickle butties if not for the fact I live alone and 64 you would have thought they were pregnancy cravings.

You will find your own way to go through all of this, plus the people on here are great it is good to be able to speak to people who have been there done that, and got the t-shirt.

I have been lucky I met up again with the lady who had the bed next to me after surgery, we have kept in touch there is a ‘bond’ even though we hardly knew each other a few months ago.

Be kind to yourself take time for yourself and all my very best wishes

Poppy xx

Hi @Lemonsqueezy  

When I read your post it really sounded like my story. I had just turned 50, and had my first mammogram shortly after, in february. When I got the message that they wanted some more photos I was surprised, but not really scared. I thought,  because of my dense breast-tissue, that the first photos wasn’t clear enough, and for sure nothing was wrong. It said that 3 of 100 women were recalled after a mammogram, and then again 1 of 5 of them had a malign situasjon. Low chances were my thougts. 

But I was wrong. I went to the diagnostic clinic in the beginning of march for some more photos, and the doctor also did an ultrasound. She was particullary interested in my right breast, and then she looked me in my eyes and said «we found something here that looks like cancer and needs to be treated». I felt it in my stumach, and asked her what treatment? 
We need to remove the lump and then you need radiation, she said. And we need to do a biopsy, to verify and see what kind this lump is. But you are lucky, you did the mammogram and we cought this early. We will have this under control. Shit, I said. 

Then I had to wait a week for the results, and it was a difficult week (this everybody knows who have gone through the same). 

A week later, on 10th of March, I got the results. It was invasive ductal carcinoma ER+ PR+ Her2-. 
I got my lumpectomy on 23th of March, and they also took out 3 sentinel lymph nodes (the lymph nodes that were coloured from the blue dye injections). The lump was small, 9mm I found out later. The operation went well, I had only some serom in my armpits but it went away after 2 weeks. 

After the operation I had to wait more then 4 long weeks for the pathological report about the tumour. It showed clear margins in the tissue they removed, and clear lymph nodes. My tumour was a slow grower with low aggression. I didn’t need either chemo or hormon-treatment. 

I also participated in a study where they look at  the genetic property in the tumour, and that also confirmed the low aggression. 

In may I started the radiation, 15 treatments for 3 weeks. 
Now I am finished with treatment, I will have a yearly mammogram for 10 years. 
I know I am very lucky, and I ache for all the women in a worse situation. I tell all my friends now to check their boobs regulary, and take mammogram earlyer then from 50 years of age (in my country the screening starts at 50). 

All good thougts to you, and good luck with the operation and treatment ahead of you. You can send me a pm if you feel like it :slightly_smiling_face: