Grade 2 - anyone ?

I was diagnosed in feb with a grade 2 lump, oestrogen positive, her neg and no nodes involved.
I was wondering if there are many ladies out there with grade 2 cancers and if so what was your treatment as there doesn’t seem to be alot mentioned about grade 2 cancers especially in terms of recurrences.
I am having chemo, 6 x FEC and then radiotherapy (i had a lumpectomy)
followed by 5 yrs of tamoxifen.

hi, i am grade 2, no nodes ER8,PR8,HER negative.

I have had a WLE am due radio therapy and tamoxifen, but nothing else. Perhaps mine was smaller than yours.

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I’m grade 2, ER/PR+, her -ve and clean nodes, but had it on both sides. Mine is lobular which I believe is usually grade 2. I had 2 WLE’s and have just had radiotherapy. Did they say why you are to have chemo as I was under the impression it wasn’t usual if nodes are clear? I’m on aromatase inhibitors as I have a bit of a gyny history.


Hi all, think there was a thread about this not too long ago. I was dx Sept grade 2 clear nodes, er+ her-, 15 rads 5 boosters, tamoxifen for 5yrs, oh and hope no one says, it goes off your age what treatment you get, as I was 36 at dx, bc was 12mm. Think its just how different oncs treat bc.

Hi I had grade 2 17mm with 1 node involved I had chemo 3FEC/3TAX followed by rads and tamoxifen.I was diagnosed 4 years ago in September and am doing good (as far as I know).


Hello from another grade 2-er!

There’s a really good BCC leaflet for understanding your pathology report - you can click for a pdf here:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/91/


another grade 2-er here! :slight_smile:

I was dx with multi-focal invasive lobular & ductal and had right mx and anc last November. Total tumour size was 5.5cm. Half my nodes were involved so also had chemo, followed by rads. I am ER+, PR- & HER2- and now on 18 months of Tamoxifen before going onto an aromatase inhibitor.

I have no idea until mine comes out.
Stage 3, 5.5cm. Nodes and neck affected. 3fec 3tax done. WLE and AXC next weekish. Rads later. Triple negative (I think!)

my lump was 10 mm but i had vascular invasion mentioned on my path report so i think thats why i had chemo even though oncologist and consultant didn’t mention it ! i asked for my path report and to my horror saw it xx

that explains it then, I was wondering about vascular invasion but thought that would put it up a grade, I suppose it depends how advanced the blood supply is.

It is amazing how many different types and stages this disease has.


19 mm grade 2 her2+++ Er/Pr- LVI and 1 node. Had 3 fec and 3 tax, rads and had 12/ 18 herceptin so far. I was told grade 2 was the most common, but there seem to be a lot of grade 3 folks around.

Good luck


Grade 2 here as well, 7mm, ER/PR+. I was offered everything on diagnosis including chemo, even though they thought my lymph nodes were clear.

Declined treatment other than WLE, regional recurrence in lymphs and soft tissue last summer, 5.5yrs after diagnosis.

It’s a pro and a con of lower grade cancer that it may take a while to come back. I thought I was home free after 5 years. Have since learnt hormone status and grade mean recurrence could happen 20 years down the line.

Grade 2 - 6 cm tumour and margins. Had mastectomy and ax node clearance but only 1 in 10 was infected. Now 6 x EC chemo. No rads needed. Tamoxifen for five years I expect. Reconstruction next year.

Grade 2 Herceptin positive. No node involvement Had wle 6 fec , 19 rads and have to have 18 herceptin

I did post about this a while ago, I am grade 2 ER/PR + HER2 - had mx and snb, nodes clear and no vascular invasion. Surgeon said he thought I wouldnt need chemo but onc recommended it. I asked for a second opinion, and in the end paid a lot of money for an extra test (ONCOTYPE DX) that is not done here but it US. They do the test on the actual tissue rather than just numbers in a computer programme. Anyway the result was a high enough risk of some cells having slipped through for chemo to be recommended, so am now on 6 FEC but have some confidence I am doing it for a good reason. Its a tough call for the grade 2s i think, especially if nodes clear.
Sue x

I havw invasive and DCIS, clear nodes, no vascular. Hormone positive, her2 positive and grade two. I am having the full works, surgery, tamoxifen, rads, chemo and Herceptin.

Mine was grade 2, 20mm plus surrounding DCIS, ER+, PR+, HER2-, had SNB, no nodes involved. Oncologist No.1 offered chemo since Adjuvant Online results put me in the “grey area” but said the decision was mine. I turned down chemo and was then recommended to have Zoladex plus Tamoxifen. I wasn’t happy with Onc No.1 so sought a 2nd opinion. Histology report said vascular invasion, but oncologist No.2 said she would expect a tumour of that size to have vascular invasion, in other words a result of it having reached a particular size rather than indicating anything else. She also commented that my low Ki-67 result was a good indicator, which wasn’t mentioned by Onc No.1. She recommended rads and Tamoxifen and said she wouldn’t have even mentioned chemo and wouldn’t bother with Zoladex.
I decided to go with rads, Zoladex and Tamoxifen as a belt and braces approach to zapping the oestrogen.
Age seems to be an important factor in the “chemo or not” equation. Younger women seem to be more often recommended to have chemo.
Sarah x

The reason I am being given chemo is so I can have Herceptin. I have done quite a bit of research on the Her2 positive status and this is the most aggressive part of the cancer and its recommended that Herceptin is always given with this cancer. Herceptin and chemo are only licensed to be given together.

I am under the Royal Marsden and the surgeons thought I would not need chemo, but the Professor of Oncology there said that because of the Her2 status, it really was recommended. I was upset at first, but really really dont want to chance it coming back and herceptin is an amazing drug.

This is the article that made me realise that I had no choice.