Grade 2 Triple Negative

Following routine mammogram in April 2009 I was diagnosed with Grade 2 invasive Breast Cancer of the right breast. I had a lumpectomy and 2 lymph nodes removed followed 3 weeks later by another op to remove the remainder of my lymph nodes on right side. 8 out of 14 were found to be cancerous. I have had 6 sessions of Chemo (FEC and Taxotere) followed by 20 sessions of Radiotherapy.
I have remained fairly positive throughout treatment and the only side effects were hair loss and weight gain.
I am having complimentary massage every month at hospital in London and have started playing racketball and bowls again and feel much better in getting back to a routine. I would like to hear from any other survivors of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Another thing I never know how to reply to - when someone asks you how you are? What should I say? Perhaps I should say maybe not so fine - I have breast cancer.

Hi, nice to hear from someone who has made it out the otherside of treatment. I’m 29 and was diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative in December last year. I was very lucky in the sense I had no nodes involved. I had a lumpectomy in Jan and am currently on number 3 of 6 Fec and then I’ve got 15 rads. I’ve been using the cold cap so I’ve been lucky with hair loss, still not noticable to most. Although I am slowly turning into the back end of a bus! I figure once I finish with treatment I’ll worry about the weight gain.

I think all in all I’ve managed to stay positive through this but it’s hard sometimes. People tell you to stay positive and I know they mean well but unless you’ve dealt with it you just understand the ups and downs this brings with it.

I think when it comes to what to say to people it depends who’s asking. I know the people I can really talk to and the ones who mean well but don’t get it. I must admit having a sense of humour has kept me sane through all this and also having friends who I can laugh with. Without my friends and family I would have lost my mind! Although with Chemo brain sometimes I think I already have!

I can’t wait to be able to get back to swiming etc and to stop feeling so tired. I think just being able to take some control back rather than planning life around hospital apointments will make all the difference.

Best Wishes


hi kells,at last i have found someone who didnt have tax and tpn,i had a 17mm tumour grade3 with a few cancer cells in 1 lymph node,it has allways played on my mind why i didnt have tax dawn xxxx

I was dx with triple neg grade2 IDC in October 2006.I had WLE followed by 4xfec 4xtaxotere and 15 rads.I have been fine since then despite lingering pn from chemo.I am aiming for the magic 8 years of course :slight_smile:
Good Luck

Hi Dawn, I had a bit of a moment about not getting TAX but from what I can gather it looks like they give that to people when the lymph nodes are involved. So that looks like why we didn’t get it.n When did you have your treatment?

V glad to hear that things are going ok. Another one of us who got through the treatment is always good to hear about.

8 is the magic number for us. xxx

im also a TNBC girl… i had a grade 3 IDC with no nodes but LVI diagnosed last year and had 8x epi-cmf followed by 25 rads.

also had hormone pos BC 4 years ago when i was 37 and still taking tamoxifen for that one.

not having tax always worried me a bit and have e-cmf worried me as very few women get it… so iv been told they are holding onto the tax incase i may need it again in the future… also a brca2 gene carrier.


hi kells,i finished treatment in january,back at work and doin ok,your so young to be havin bc,how are you doin im 44 so alot older than you lol hi lulu,hows you chic,cant wait till june gonna have a blast lol take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi, from another trip/neg !
i had grade 3, senitel node was cancerous but the 14 they took out were ok. Had WLE in October, 6 lots of TAC and have just started 20 lots of radiotherapy, boob holding up so far!
I found chemo wasn’t too bad for me, so have been suprised that now its finished I actually feel worse, sooooo tired, aching all over, quiet breathless, i feel chemo has aged me, which makes me feel a bit depressed. Also have lymphodema in left arm and they think that there is nerve damage as well as when i went to get my sleeve fitted, the pain from the pressure was to much and i am going to go for therapy. So even though im nearly done with initial treatments, i think im on a long road before recovery lol. hope there are lots of better off ladies out there xx

I should have said-I had no nodes involved and no vascular invasion.My tumour was a 2cm Grade 2.My onc said [at the end of 2006]that he was recommending fec/tax for all tn patients with tumours 2cm and over.It had just been approved by NICE for primary bc about then.
Good Luck everyone
Love Valx

Hi girls ,

I also was dx aged 42 with grade 3 ,3cm tnbc in March 09, 32 lymph nodes removed none affected ,I had a partial mast followed by 6 fec,and 20 rads. After a road accident in feb this year I have developed lymphodema in my left arm and my ong has refered me for physio as she thinks I now have a frozen shoulder too.

Hi Kells and Drabble , I also wondered why I was given 6 fecs and not 3 fec ,3 tax now i no its because i had no lymph node involvment either thank goodness, Im back too work since jan only p/time but thats enough for me at the moment .

Jules x

Hi all
Just posted a reply which seems to have completely disappeared so will try again. I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Triple Negative BC in 2003. Two out of eleven nodes were positive and I had vascular invasion. Treated with E-CMF and radiotherapy and I am still free from recurrence (as far as I know!)seven years later. Next year will be the magic eight for me - perhaps then I can really start believing I may have beaten it. Hope this might give some encouragement to those of you who have been diagnosed more recently
best wishes

Somerset lady, I hope that things start to come good for you now. Must be horrible to have come through the treatment to be faced with more problems.

Dawn 44 is young for this too. I’ll be honest it was a bit of a shock cos at 29 you just assume it’s going to be nothing, especially when all the docs are telling you it’ll be nothing too. But lets be honest it’s a shock for everyone. Nobody should be having to deal with this.

The chemo thing is so confusing there are so many different types and it really does seem to depend on where you are in the country too. Being tripple negative at least they throw the lot at us, as my nurse said they take the belt and braces approach to make sure they have sent all the little b%&@#s packing.

It is good to hear from you all roll on finishing chemo and rads.



Hi AnnieE,

Its great too here from you as you are seven years down the line with the magic eight approaching next year, it is very encouraging to hear this , I hope you remain well and that goes for everyone else that is on the other side of the treatments and on the road to recovery.

Jules xx

Thankyou so much for posting Anne, I’m 30 & Triple Negative and starting chemo next week. I have been scaring myself silly, so it was lovely to read your post.
Thankyou xxx

I’m on the last hurdle, radio, after 6FEC which finished in Feb & WLE in March. This is the first time I’ve heard of a magic 8 year target. My onc talked about 5 years for a free pass. She did worry me describing triple neg as agressive in one meeting. Chemo was hard but worked very well I noticed good shrinkage by no2. I now count myself very lucky not needing to endure the side effects of Tamoxifen in the future. :slight_smile:

I was dx in April 08, Grade 3, 4cm lump. Had chemo first, then WLE and 23 rads. Triple Neg to, and must admit, found it hard to deal with, so really glad to read that there are ladies 8 years down the line!
nice to see others in same boat to talk to about all this as there always seems to be so much negativity about being triple neg, if you know what i mean!
keep up the good work ladies.

Just to explain-there is research which shows that IF tnbc patients can reach 8 years with no recurrence then they are much more likely to be bc free forever than +++ patients.For the first 5 years our chances are worse than theirs then it levels out and our prognosis slowly overtakes until the so-called ‘magic’ 8 year milestone.

Thanks for that Horace. It’s good to have things explained it helps with the worry stuff.