Grade 3


My Mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I feel like I don’t really know anything and don’t understand all the jargon etc. She went for a CT scan today and I think we get the results tonight. The consultant said it was a grade 3 cancer which I know means it’s more of an aggressive type and may have more cancer cells in the breast (I think) but does this mean it’s likely to have spread?
Does it also mean the chances of treatment being successful aren’t good?

She is going to have chemotherapy and then surgery we think.

I would be grateful for any information. I know it depsnds upon the person though. I just feel a bit lost.



As you say, everything depends on the person. I had a Grade 3 tumour about 5cm at the time of dx which has responded well to chemo and has just about disappeared after 6 chemo. I will then have surgery. As far as we can tell, it hasn’t spread beyond the breast despite being grade 3 but that will be confirmed one way or other at surgery

I can really understand that it is a worrying time for you and your mum. Come here at any time to ask for support. We may not have the answers but you will have support

Sharon x

Thanks Sharon thats really helpful. I’m so pleased to hear it is working well for you. I hope that continues and good luck.

Hi Michelle

No It doesnt mean it is likely to have spread because it is grade 3, but i would assume your mum would have the Lymph node tested so that would tell you a lot more…I am grade 3 & 5cm tumour I had chemo and now rads a precautionary step, there are so many different aspects for different people try to put your mind a rest and ask the consultant who should be able to tell you more…


hi michelle,
i was dx with grade 3 12mm tumour, no lymph nodes or vascular invasion. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, rad’s and now tamoxifen.
M y understanding is any grade has the ability to spread, the length of time the tumour has been there I think is a contributing factor. Grade 3 cells are more aggresive and multply quicker than the others…but that does not mean that the cancer has definetly spread.

karen x