grade three cancer but no tumour

i have been diagnosed with cancer its grade three but there is no tumour at all ? so how does this work i asked my bn but you what its like it goes in and out i think i dont want her to think im stupid, i have a boob full of precanceous cells but the biopsy showed grade 3 can somone tell me in english what this is about before i have the lumpectomy in 4 weeks time …i keep changing my mind to have a mastectomy just be on the safe side …thank s
dawn x

Hi Dawn

I am sorry that you are having a difficult time at the moment. Our helpline Nurses on 0808 800 6000 will be able to answer any questions and concerns you have and support you through this time. They are open between 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and 9 - 2 on Saturday. You can also email any questions to our ask the nurse service which can be found on the Support for You page on our website:

With best wishes

Hi april66
Can I ask how you can have a lumpectomy if there is no lump to remove? You need to be asking more questions.On one hand you are told the cells are pre cancerous. then the next you are offered surgery.If you are confused take some one with you who is level headed as it is very confusing.
Don’t ever think you are stupid in this,ask away to any one until you are satisfied

Good Luck and Take Care


Hi Dawn

Did they mention DCIS or LCIS these are both pre cancer, I had DCIS grade 3 it’s not a lump it’s just an area if that makes any sense. You really need to get your consultant or breast care nurse to clarify exactly what you have, as you can’t make an informed decision if you don’t have all of the facts.

They will understand that it’s all been a lot to take in and that you will need to ask lots of questions, ask someone to go with you who can help you to make sense of what they tell you. Write down questions that you have and take them with you.

Try not to worry and take care



Hi Dawn - hope things are becoming clearer for you this week…

I too had high grade (sometimes called grade 3 - it’s low, intermediate & high) DCIS widespread throughout my breast. Lateron, further tests showed I also had a small tumour which was a grade3 cancer - a different thing. I was scheduled for mastctomy anyway, and had that & recon in May… doing ok now with the chemo & rads to come…

It IS soo confusing - ask your bc nurse and write things down as she says them - she’s used to things going in one earhole & out the other… it’s the stress! Or take someone with you - and still write it down!

Love Td x

Hi Dawn

It does sound like you may have either DCIS or LCIS which, because your health care professional thinks is contained (or ‘in situ’) is call ‘pre-cancerous’ or non-invasive. As long as it is ‘in situ’ and can be removed along with a margin of normal tissue then it is classed as a non-invasive cancer (also refered to as ‘pre-cancerous’). It is a little confusing as the cells are malignant yet terms such as ‘pre-cancerous’ are used which is not strictly correct.

Don’t ever feel stupid for any questions you want to ask - even if you ask the same one more than once. This is a stressful time and sometimes you can be so shocked that you don’t take in everything you are told. Td’s idea to ask the nurse to write things down for you is a good one. I’m sure they realise what an emotional time it is and will be happy to explain things again to you - I hope they have given you contact details to be able to get in touch with your BCN to ask questions anyway.

Best of luck and take care of yourself.