Grantchester meeting 29th April

Hi there,

Well it is now April so I will book us a table for lunch at the Red Lion, Grantchester for the above date. Names I have gathered who may be interested include:
Chemical Kate
Jacquie (don’t think you can do this date though??)

Are you all still up for this and is anyone else interested? Just need an approximate idea of numbers…


Hi Jenny…yes I hope to make it…Belinda…x

Hi Jenny

A friend of mine (Pam) who doesn’t use these forums would also like to come (she has liver and bone mets).



Definitely in - looking forward to putting faces to names.

Barbara (Manon)

Hi All
Yes I can still do Grantchester, looking forward to it - see you all there.


Well, the list seems to be:

Belinda, Blondie, Manon, PinkDove + friend, + 2 ladies from another board and me.

I will book a table for 10 of us, in case we get any late takers.


sorry for the late reply, but if there are still space available i would still like to attend. havent been that great at the moment and keep forgetting to send this message. im now off work and looking at my chemo dates i should be okay to come.

so count me in.


You are more than welcome H, in fact I just came on the site to say that I have just rung and booked the table for 12.00 noon on the 29th. The more the merrier - I can always phone and alter numbers.


just caught you on time! am looking forward to it!

im just going to need the place of the restaurant.


Hi there

I would love to come too if that is ok.


I would love to join you, could someone post a postcode and I can download a map
Thanks Kathryn

Red Lion, 33 High Street, Grantchester, Cambridgeshire CB3 9NF

If you come off the M11 at Junction 12 take the exit off the first roundabout you come to, onto Coton Rd, heading to Grantchester. It is about 2 mins to the pub. When you get to the next junction in the village (Rupert Brooke pub in front of you) turn right and the Red Lion is a couple of hundred yards further on, just left of the Green Man pub.

This is just a guide from the motorway. If anyone is coming from other directions, let me know.


P.S. Kathryn and Becky, look forward to meeting you.x


I will be unable to come along on this occassion as I am not back to full strength from my spell in hospital so think this will be a little bit adventurous for my poor weak body at the moment!

Have a fantastic time and have a drink for me.

Angee xxxxx

Take care Angee, and get well soon…


It looks like I’ll have to bow out of next Tuesday as something has come up with our cancer network group and I need to go to a meeting in Newmarket which is at 10.30.

If I can make it I’ll try but not sure how long the meeting is going to take.


Sorry to hear this, Pinkdove, hope you manage to pop along afterwards.


Hi All,

This sounds a great social event, pity I can’t make it, distance not the problem just too busy that day and have an evening at college. I would have loved to have put faces to the names I read.

Have a really good time all of you,


Hi, don’t think I’ll make Tuesday as my Mum is seriously ill. Belinda…x

Well, I am slightly unsure as to who can or can’t make Tuesday but heck, it doesn’t matter as long as there are a few of us there. I guess there are a few of the names on the list who won’t be able to get there and I will be sorry to miss you all, but I am really looking forward to meeting any ladies with Secondary BC who fancy lunch, at the Red Lion, Grantchester this Tuesday at 12(ish).


Will miss you there, Bel, take good care xx

Hi Jenny

The meeting I’ve got to go to is in Newmarket and it supposedly finishes at 12.30. Do you know how long it takes from there to Grantchester??

If it does finish on time I’ll definitely come (just hope I don’t get lost!) as I don’t really know that area…!!!