Great news

Hi to all that know me I’ve just had my results of bone scan no change since last one so no evidence of cancer my heart ultrasound was also gd news apart from a small leak in a valve which he sd is norm so all in all gd news take care all laura x

Brilliant news Laura - and may it continue like that forever.

lovely news! very happy for you.
Have you started treatment yet?
Hope all goes well, Julie x

Fantastic news Laura! Adi x

Great news laura :slight_smile:

Good news laura.I got my recan in aug as last year i had one rib and skull high light im praying same out come no change.Jane x

Great news Laura :slight_smile:
love & hugs
Mekala x

excellent news.

Wow great great news laura… have a party…

That is so good to hear Laura! Really pleased for you,you must be feeling so relieved,do something nice to celebrate xx

Hi all thanks I just want to say unsure how this come up as when u see the date it was may 11 nearly a yr ago but thanks for your wishes I’m doing ok