Great service from the NHS- surgical biopsy all clear

After nearly three months of anxious wait and worry, two needle biopsies (benign) and a surgical biopsy under general anaesthetic I have today been back to my hospital to be told the lab tests showed nothing cancerous at all and the lump was a ruptured cyst. The relief is enormous. I can put this behind me and get on with my life.

However, I’ve learnt far more than I ever wanted to know about breast cancer and feel enormous respect for the ladies I’ve read about on this site. I’ll never make glib ‘I’m sure it will be ok’ comments to anyone again. I understand that, although treatments have improved, they are only treatments and many people never have a ‘cure’. I send you all good wishes. This Breast Cancer care site is amazing and is providing a much needed service. I just hope its one I don’t need to access again in the future. I will be thinking about all those people who didn’t get my good news today. My local NHS hospital and especially the breast care nurses and the radiologist who wouldn’t give up until he got a 100% certain result were also fanatastic.

I’m going to get on wuth my life!

Great to hear your news,go celebrate!

Take care,


Many thanks.

fantastic news im so pleased for you
take care
joanie xx