Greetings from another newbie

Hi all - I’m another newbie and victim of this horrible disease that is affecting so many women. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks, hoping against hope that this is all a nightmare but have got my post surgical results now so have to face the truth. Hoping to meet some fellow travellers on this journey for mutual support . Lin

Hi countrybumpkin, welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure you will soon have lots of support from your fellow users, in the meantime our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

The links here will take you to the BCC ‘Just diagnosed’ and ‘Treatments’ pages where you will find lots of information and further support ideas which I hope you find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Lin,

So sorry to hear you have needed to join us here.  I’ll tell you a little about myself.


Diagnosed October 22nd 2012,  ductal invasive, Oestrogen and Progestrogen positive. Had a mastectomy and sentinal node biopsy 12th December 2012. Lump was 3cm and grade 3. three lymph nodes removed, one with cancer cells in it. Had chemo (FEC-T) starting February 5th, ending 23rd May 2013. Now on anastrazole for at least five years. 


I’ve found a lot of support from this site, and I hope you will too as there are hundreds of experienced women (and men) to virtually hold your hand through whatever treatment you will need.


Wishing you well.

poemsgalore xx