Grievance Meeting..................

I work for an NHS Trust which has introduced a strict sickness and absence policy. I was concerned about taking time off for my hospital appointments but I faced them with the Disability Discrimination Act which says that employers have to make reasonable adjustments for people with cancer, including allowing time to attend appointments. They agreed I was covered by the act and could take time for my appointments without it counting towards my sick leave total.

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I got a letter from them today. They are saying they have acted within the law and that I must have misunderstood everything. There are also a few things in their statement that are total lies as the woman I was under is now claiming she had a meeting with my boss over my health situation - this wasn’t mentioned at the grievance meeting and is the first of me knowing! I’m emailing it to my employment solicitor so that he gets it first thing on Monday morning. Their statement doesn’t tally with my record of the meeting I had with them. I make very comprehensive notes about everything, force of habit for me as I have always done this at work throughout my life on account of being in some very responsible jobs when I lived in London.

Hi Cherub

How stressful for you. You stick to your guns girl. Good luck with the employment solicitor on Monday.

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