groshong line

Hi All

Not posted for quite a while, i just tend to read everybodies posts and usually my questions are answered amongst everyone elses threads as I am not very good with words myself.
I am halfway through chemo and my veins have finally given in the fight i am going to see a consultant on Friday to see about a Groshong line. I have read other threads about Hickman lines and PICC lines but cant see anything about this type, has anyone had one? or knows what the differance is?
I am having Herceptin after Rads so Onc thought line would be best i now have something else to get worked up about, but hand was so painful last chemo just telling myself it will be better.
Hope someone can advise.

Hi Rachie

I have added a link to a cancerbackup page on central lines that you may find helpful and informative.

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Hi Rachie

I have a Grosham line and when I asked the nurse what the difference is she said the Grosham line in thinner. I have only had 1 chemo in the vein and 2 in the line and its easier.

The only thing I am wondering is some times I get an itche and want to stratch but try not to, does anyone else get this?