Grrrrrrr!!! Watching ‘Run For Glory’ and there is a second runner who has had breast cancer… the voice over tells us she has had a mastectomy (can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 years ago) and has a couple of years to go before she gets ‘the all clear’ ARGHHHH!! When will they learn??

Was a bit confused over the woman’s statement when she said that she was Grade 3 - Grade 4 was terminal… was this a confusion between grade and stage?


Hi Karina Yes, it is infuriating when the same old wrong information gets trotted out and then we find people repeating it to us, because they “heard it on TV”.

I didn’t see the item, but it does sound like the woman concerned was confusing grade and stage. As you obviously know, there is no grade 4, only grades 1 to 3 and they measure how aggressive cancer is, not how advanced. Stages measure how advanced and widespread cancer is, and stage 4 is metastatic cancer and can’t be cured.

Kathy xxx