guide to reconstructive surgery


Does anyone know where I can get a good guide about reconstructive sugery?


Your number one port of call should be your breast care nurse. He/ she should be able to give you the basic information you need. Mine certainly did.

After that, make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice, i.e. that the option you are selecting is right for you. Also - and this is vital- that you are happy with your choice of surgeon.

I had an LD flap recon 7 weeks ago (having been without one breast for just over a year)and it is the best thing ever. I am thrilled.


First advice - don’t get done in Swindon. I don’t live there but was persuaded the surgeon was good and he wasn’t.

Second advice - get a book from Amazon called the Breast Reconstruction Guidebook, it’s easy to read and very comprehensive.

Third - don’t go looking at photos of excellent results and think you’ll get the same. Surgeons tend not to put their disasters in their albums. There are plenty of disasters out there but no doubt in hiding. My disaster will shortly be on BC Pals and let it serve as a warning.

Fourth - and most important, INSIST on a second opinion.

Lastly - make sure a plastic surgeon is involved, they take a different approach and are more likely to look after the aesthetics rather than give you something you can (or in my case cannot) put in a bra and you deserve more than that.

Good luck and keep your expectations low.

Hi Adele

Breast Cancer Care publish a booklet on the subject of reconstruction which you may find an informative read. I have given the link here, the booklet can be ordered online:

I do hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards.


Hi all,
Regina I was saddened to hear you are unhappy with your recon, as a lot of us on this site are considering one in the near future.
I have looked for the book you suggested but cant find it. Could you let us have the author’s name please. I am on the list of an oncoplastic surgeon but have found out recently that he is off sick till March. I hope you get your recon sorted out soon.
Best wishes,
Rosie x

Kathy Steligo - ISBN: 0-9669799-7-4
Also see

I sent off for a dvd from queen victoria hosp that I found very helpful,
even shows how they make nipples
had mine done end of jan it looks great!!

Can recommend another book, quite new Breast Reconstruction, Your Choice by Dick Rainsbury & Virginia Straker. It’s an English publication and I believe Dick Rainsbury practices in Hampshire.


This is also a good website: