Guide To Surviving An MX

Hi Ladies

Here’s my first post as promised. On my way to the hospital (traffic heavy on the M40 - wish we’d left slightly earlier). Feeling a little nervous, slightly sick (nerves plus typing in a moving car) but otherwise pretty ok all things considered. I had such a good time recording with my friend Stuart last night and talking about musical projects to look forward to that it kind of put today’s op into perspective a bit. Would rather be around to do all these things I have planned but with just one boob than be looking at a worse scenario if I didnt have the op! So that’s where my positive thinking is coming from today.

Spent the morning in bed after a hideously late night! Was still there when hubby got back at lunchtime and he joined me for a while which was nice (blush).

Struggled packing as I’m not sure what I’ll want to wear both in and out of hospital so took lots of choices! Looks like I packed for a week. Got everything I need though. Am lucky to be having this done privately through my employer’s healthcare policy so I’ll have my own too
. Am booked in for three nights but they said I’d probably be home after 1 or 2. I’m last on the theatre list today for my surgeon so got to be there for 5 (and it looks like we’ll now be there early after me worrying about traffic earlier in the post). If I get a chance I’ll post when waiting to go to theatre. Remembered my dressing gown & slippers as I’ll be walking down there later.

Twinky x

Well done, sounds like you’re sorted with the ‘stuff’ you need. Is your MX on your dominant side? I wished I’d packed a battery toothbrush as I couldn’t clean my teeth properly (my left-handed attempt was completely incompetent).

The only other thing I’d add is a notebook to write down your feelings and anything else you feel like. I wanted to stay positive, so my outlet was to write in the book and shut it. I still haven’t read what I wrote at the time (probably couldn’t read the left-handed scrawl anyway!)

Hope it all goes well. And if you can look at the scar as soon as you can and learn to love it before anyone else - I think it makes it easier and less scary.

Let us know how you get on

Hey Twinky,

Sounds like last night did you good, I read your post on the other thread about changing direction work wise - grasp it with both hands girl! You are certainly going into your op with a good attitude xxx

Hope you make a speedy recovery, and look forward to your updates.

All the best



I agree with Annie22. My little notebook (My Journey) goes everywhere with me! I’m now a week from my right mx, yes I had a battery toothbrush, but I had trouble reaching the handwash container in the hosp bathroom, I couldn’t hold my hand underneath and pump with the other!!
I also took a couple of pairs of Primark men’s lounge pants, and M&S outsized front button nightshirts (I’m a size 18).

Look at my post on January 2012 Surgery Buddies, but to add to it, the dist nurse has been this morning and I’ve looked at my scar with her help. I had a couple of tears but my No. 2 dau was with me and she said, “It’s still you, mum, just a little less!”

I too look forward to your updates Twinky, I tried to update in hospital but it was taking soooo long to log-on on my Blackberry!

Hugs and xxxx

hi twinky,

sending you lots of gentle squeezes for when you read this.

TTM xxx

Hope when you read this you feel as safe, painfree and secure as I did after my mx and recon.

Very gentle one-armed hug!

Hi Twinky
Thinking of you and sending loads of gentle hugs to you for when you wake up. With your positive spirit, everything will be fine and you are helping so many people, look forward to seeing your posts
L xxx

Hello Twinky

Have been thinking of you today and hope when you read all the postings to you that you are feeling better already and keep your positive vibes. Nice to see so many ladies from the nov thread and the Aberdeen one posting here as well.

Take care and love from

Alanaa and fat cat

Morning Ladies

Didn’t get a chance to post once I was admitted as it all happened quickly and was knocked out at 6:10! Back in my room by 8:45 & had tea & biscuits. Was a little sore so had some tablets shortly afterwards. Not had anything so far this morning. Failed to use the bed pan ( just feels so unnatural to lie down & wee) so begged to use the toilet this morning. Took the opportunity to wash at the same time and now have a loose nightie on with buttons down the front! Drain is now named Dennis. Wound covered by a dressing but feel ok about it at the moment - no tears so far! Sort of relieved the danger zone has been removed of you know what I mean! Surgeon will be popping in to see me later & my boiled eggs with toast just arrived so will finish my post!

Thanks for all the good wishes. Doing pretty ok do far x x shout if you want to ask me anything if you’re nervously waiting for yours

Twinky x

Had a steady stream of visitors this morning including the physio terrorist to make me do some exercises. What she didn’t realise was that I had already been out of bed and had used the MX side arm to wash as my canular is in my other arm but at the elbow crease as my hand veins aren’t great after my chemo last time. Got a weird contraption to breathe into every hour to exercise my lungs. Luckily I have good strong ones due to my singing.

Mentally feel surprisingly good and just relieved all the bad stuff has gone. Despite being of the large breasted variety I don’t feel as lopsided as I thought I would. Thought it would feel more noticeable when I stood up (without a bra) but it’s not bad at all so that’s probably why I’m not in tears. Don’t feel too anxious about looking at the scar when they’re ready to change my dressing. Hoping hubby will be ok too. Said I would invest in little tops to wear in bed if he was uncomfortable seeing the scar and said we’d have fun trying some different positions that would hurt me whilst I heal. I did go through a few bad days running up to the op as I sulked looking at low cut tops etc but am definitely ok now.

Expecting to see hubby later on and have other visitors too do just chilling out in my posh private room watching tv!

Am quite happy to answer any questions, either on here or privately.

Twinky x x

hi twinky,

glad your feeling so good and sounding quite chirpy this morning.

do you know if you will be allowed to go home later today then yet - with ‘dennis’ or not. i know some surgeons seem to use drains and some dont if they can help it - weird that.

lots of hugs to you

TTM xxx

Hi tommyticklemouse

Yes I can go home with my drain and could escape today if I wanted but decided to take advantage of the rest and look at going home tomorrow although I’m actually booked in for 3 nights if I need it. I think the drain’s a good idea and isn’t bothering me pain-wise although it has to be said the area was numb anyway after my first MX & recon.

Lunch just arrived - breaded plaice & chips!

Twinky x

Really pleased to hear you sounding so chipper Twinky. Make the most of the luxury and the rest and hope your great progress continues. Was surprised about the exercise for the lungs, is that standard ?
Just back from my second root canal tatment in a week to try and get rid of all the infection in my mouth so my delayed op can go ahead…
Take care
L x

plaice and chips, very nice, well it is friday so would be rude not to have fish! is there any pud for afters.

let us know whats for tea!

TTM xxx

I’d read on canadian hospitals websites about a breathing device for post surgery but haven’t come across any mention over here. I’d read on a forum about practicing deep breathing beforehand, to get in the groove, but not a soul mentioned it officially. I wonder how often post-mx ladies develop breathing probs, as prevention doesn’t seem to have high profile. Maybe they risk assess us beforehand?


TTM - had jacket potato, Tina, salad & ice cream for supper!

Breathing exercises…good idea to help clear the lungs after the op plus helps avoid developing chest infections. Seems a bit over the top having an actual gadget to use but hey ho it passes a few minutes (I have to get a bright yellow plastic bit hovering by a smiley face buy breathing in steadily).

Had my big compression dressing removed today. The light dressing underneath shows quite a dip underneath. Will see the actual scar Monday when i come back to have it looked at by my BCN. Back to see her again next friday for my results which will determine the next stage of my treatment. Saw my surgeon today. He took some tissue from my armpit which may or may not have nodes in them. Think they room most of them first time around but he was pleased with how it all went.

Dennis the Drain had 100ml I. The first 24 hours but only 30ml so far today. Planning to go home tomorrow. I have lymphoedema in my left arm and noticed it had a red flush today so on antibiotics as a precaution as I’ve had a few episodes of cellulitis in that arm before. Better safe than sorry.

Bit tired after lots of internal & external visitors today do no chance of any napping! One last visitor at 7 then I’m winding down and having a peaceful evening.

Hugs to all

Twinky x

Well done you! Sounds like a big range of achievements today! Hope you get a good rest tonight.

Hi Twinky

I am loving your guide and have logged on several times just to read your updates - keep them coming.

Take care


hope your having a relax now after another busy day and getting some rest.

have you looked at the breaky menu yet for in the morning - dont be having a sneaky peak at tomorrows lunch menu or else your OH will be wondering when you and dennis are coming home. will be watching for your next update, in between your rest, dont forget about that.

lots of love TTM xxx

You are certainly making me smile Twinky and definately making me feel less nervous. Sounds like it is exhausting though with all your visitors… Make the most of your rest and sounds promising that Dennis is not filling up so quickly now and you are being good with all your exercises.
Take care
L xx