Ha breast cancer, you can s*d right off!

Just sharing…last year i was recovering from my last chemo, havung been dx in march and having lumpectomy. I felt and looked like rubbish :frowning:

right this minute i am sitting waiting for a meal with my husband and two little boys, in Padstow, having spent the day on a fab sunny beach and boogieboarding the day away. So take that breast cancer, you can (insert expletive of your choice here) right off!!!


Brilliant Vickie- what a luvly positive message! Great to hear you are doing so well, and enjoy the rest of the summer with your young family!

Much love,
Shelley xxx

Thank you, i feel very low at moment with my poor dog:::frowning: this year as been vile !

Rose xx


Glad it’s good. Enjoy your meal. Boogieboading- must see pictures.


Head shot on facebook deb. Although i’m obviously rocking the wetsuit look, there will be no body shot photos. Yes, happy to be seen bald. No, not happy to show off multi curves in wetsuit!

Just looked


Now stop posting on bcc and enjoy your hols.


Hi Vickie,
It’s a New Year, a New beginning, so enjoy yourself.
Have a lovely meal with your family, and a fun packed holiday!
Sandra xxx

Only time i’ve had a signal! Was waiting my nutella crepe to be made!

Tors - glad to hear you’re having a good time and telling BC to “take a hike”, so to speak :wink:

Been a while since we’ve seen you on here I think, I haven’t seen a post from you in a while anyway, remember you from when I first starting posting back in Feb/Mar time.

Chemo - urgh, glad THATS over!

Ah glad your having a fab hol + sticking 2 fingers up to bc at the same time :slight_smile:
Enjoy the rest of your hols x

Love your attitude, I am just starting my journey, and have 1 chemo session, already lost my hair, so it must be working, and yes BC am going to kick its backside!!! Enjoy you hols and family :slight_smile:

Hey Vickie, delighted by your positive attitude.

The one good thing having a life-threatening disease has done for me is make the good times that much better :slight_smile:

Cornwall rocks! xxx Jane

I’m on my way to Padstow after Herceptin tomorrow. Save some sun for meeeeeeee!!! x

talking of rocks, are you in Rock? have a fab time, Vickie