Had 1st CMF but no steroids given is that normal?

Hi Girls,
Just a quick query. Had 1st CMF today , was given the anti sickness pills (Domperidone) and the chemo tablets for the 14 days, but no steroids like I got on the EPI (Dexmethasone) for first 3 days, so was just a little worried in case I should have been given them. Would appreciate your help.

maybe they gave you them intravenously? or maybe CMF doesn’t need steroids? I’d call them up

Thanks quisie, will take your advice and ring this morning.

I had FEC and was given the dexamethasone intravenously before the chemo infusion.

Hi Jill
When I switched fro epi to CMF, after first CMF, my oral steroids were stopped but still got IV dexamethasone with my chemo. Given two anti-emetics, domperidone and cyclizine. The Onc stopped them because I had no nausea with the CMF. I felt so much better after 2nd CMF without the steroids and not sure whether this is just a coincidence. I do feel though, that sometimes things are not explained properly and we just ‘go along’ with things!

Hope the hospital have answered your query!

Carly x

Hi Lizzicee and Carly,
Thanks for your replies, spoke to the chemo ward today, and they say that I did have the steroids IV yesterday, and beacause the CMF is kinder then the 3 day steroids are not always necessary, so feel happier now.
Thanks again