Had 2nd chemo and feeling fine!!!

Hi all

Just wanted to pass on my news as I am aware I have written on here when feeling very low so thought I would write about the opposite!!

Had second AC on Tuesday - took things easy on Wed and yest and today have been having long walks, washing and polishing car, cutting grass etc. I cant believe how ok I feel (apart from no appetite, no taste and the runs!!!).

I am beginning to think they gave me a placebo instead of the actual chemo!!!

Up in Scotland and the sun has been shining the lasat 3 days which really helps too with the pma!!

Hope you are all as well as can be
Hugs to all

So very happy that you haven’t had any trouble this time round…LONG may it continue! xxx

Thank you - very happy just now - but still not naive enough not to take 1 day at a time - just enjoying it while I can


Hi Fiona I am so glad all went well for you and you are feeling well I was like that with my chemo I had 4 epi and 4 cmf I had a masectomy in January I dont have to have any Radiation so that was a blessing. I am now on Arimadex tablets for 5 years. I had to go to the Western General in Edinburgh yesterday for a bone scan it was just to check my bones since I started the tablets 2 weeks ago then they will check them again in 12 months as these Arimadex can thin the bones. I now feel great I am getting all my energy back now I am hopeing to start a new job in 2 weeks time. I live in a little village called Fauldhouse We just moved here last November we were only here a week when I found the lump I got registered with a new GP and was seen very quick and had my masectomy very quick as well. I love living here as its so quiet its right in the country. You can see the sheep from our back garden gate. Let me know where in Scotland you are from I was originally from Glasgow I do hope you keep feeling well You Take Care Linda xxx

Hi Linda

Not quite so quiet and tranquil where I live - up in Aberdeen - but we have a lovely long beach (when the weather is good) - never weather for sunbathing but great for clearing the head!!!

Glad to hear all your treatment went relatively smoothly. I am having 6 or 8 AC chemo, then hopefully lumpectomy (maybe mastectomy), followed by radiotherapy. I am Her 2 -ve but still awaiting my hormone statuses - so may or may not need tamoxifen (I am 39) - so this was the recommended treatment for me.

Its gonna be a long year I know with lots of ups and downs but gonna beat this damn thing with my head held high (can say that now the head shaving bit has been done!!)

Take care

:slight_smile: congratulations on the great start!!!

I have started about 10 days ago (next monday the next…), and have felt mostly great, only one day very tired and not hungry, but for the rest quite brilliant. If I didn’t know the hair is gonna go - I’d feel even better!

Maybe we should have the club of the “good chemo”, just to support the morale of those gals who are waiting to start and are so scared…:))

Touch wood that it may stay this good…

Hi Lilith

Still feeling ‘ok’ but not quite so good. Feel myself going dowhill the last couple of days and not able to do quite so much - but will just have to listen to my body!! - its heavy duty stuff theyre pumping into us!!

Hope ur still feeling fine
The sun is shining again