Had 3 core biopsies, await results

10 yrs ago I had mastectomy left breast, ER-positive,

3cm, grade 3, stage 2, 1/14 lymph nodes.

FEC chemo x 6, Rads x 15.

Prescribed Arimidex min 10yrs.

7yrs ago DIEP flap reconstruction.

6yrs ago reduction of right breast, for symmetry.

5yrs ago during yrly mammogram, dense mass found in right breast. Following ultra/s scan, stereotactic biopsy, MRI scan - had op to remove area of fat necrosis. Pathology diagnosed harmless, benign, although MRI had shown few ‘possibly dodgy cells’.


Now 5 yrs later following my (now 2yrly) mammogram I was recalled on Tues for 2 more mammograms and ultrasound scan, during which the radiologist took 3 core biopsies from a new pea shaped lump.

Will get results early next week after breast team have their MDM on Mon, via phone call from breast care nurse.


Them finding this new lump was a complete shock.

I can’t feel it, my breast looks normal.


This is my third episode of worry and sleepless nights regarding BC issues, you’d think I’d be able to handle it better, but no, I’m a complete wreck, wishing the days away until I get my results.


Any advice would be lovely. I’ve been hovering around this site for a while and seems to me to be a good place to be at time like this :slight_smile:






Dear May2553

Welcome to the BCC forum.  I’m so sorry you find yourself in the waiting room again.  As well as the support you will find on here you might also find it helps to talk things over with one of our Helpliners.  They can offer you practical information and emotional support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Hello May2553,

Just wanted to say hello.

I am a newbie on the Forum and still trying to come to terms with my very recent diagnosis. This Forum has really helped by connecting me to a unique group of women who are all being challenged by cancer.

Your cancer story is shocking and I am sorry to read that you are having the worry all over again.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with anxiety especially during the lengthy waiting times between tests and results.

I think you have made a positive move coming to this site where I am sure you will gain some comfort knowing that there are a lot of us who will be wishing you the best of luck in the challenges facing you.

Sending you a hug.


Thank you Janet I’ll bear that in mind about the helpline :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Got my results yesterday, a day earlier than expected.
Breast care nurse phoned mid afternoon and invited me to come into my breast surgeon’s hosp clinic within the next hour. Knew then it was cancer (again),
Hubby drove me there, but couldn’t stay with me due to a prior commitment that couldn’t be cancelled. Well I had my ‘tough’ head on yesterday, so told him I’d be okay at hosp on my own, and that I’d get the bus home (6 miles away). Whatamistakatoomaka! More of that later.

Miss lovely lady (my breast surgeon) told me I have cancer, its Grade 1, about 1cm diameter, possibly ER-pos, but only pathology results on lump after its been removed will confirm for sure.
I’m booked for op on 20th Nov. Will be WLE, followed by radiotherapy approx 6 weeks after op. Having guide wire inserted day before op, as lump hard to find manually. Also having injection of radio-active substance in readiness for injection of blue dye when I’m in op theatre. Although us-scan of my armpit area looked normal, miss lovely lady wants to be absolutely sure of no cancer cells present. Been told to prepare for having up to 3 lymph nodes removed. But that’s a maybe and not definite.

This pea sized lump has only developed since Oct 2011 when I had my last Mammogram which was clear. Miss lovely lady had even discharged me from her care after that mammogram. 2003-2011 were such rollercoaster years what with the original BC and further scares that turned out benign. Now its back. Damn. Logic says its been found at very early stage. Brain says its craftily crept to other parts of my body, its playing hide n seek. Scared today, want op tomorrow, not 20th!

Was mistake going in alone to see miss lovely lady, didn’t really take in what she told me. My.lovely BC nurse spent long time with me after explaining it all again, gave me folder with info to take home, haven’t read it yet.
Waited over an hour in the cold waiting for bus which didn’t turn up, had to get mini cab home in the end. £16 lighter now!

Wishing you all good luck with your own BC journeys x

Hi Lesley, I’ve just read your post and I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this horrible ordeal for a second time. I know it’s no consolation but it certainly sounds like they’ve caught this very early which is very positive. Sending to hugs and positive thoughts. XXX

Thank you Magical Moon and Tracy
I’m coming to terms with it all now, just hope that there is only the pea sized lump with nothing else lurking that’s been hidden from view.
Was it you Tracy that had a bigger cancer than seen on us scan?
Sorry if it wasn’t, I’ve read so many different accounts on here I might have muddled you up with someone else.
Anyway, thank you both for your kind words, they help a lot and mean a lot. Love Lesley

Magical Moon come back and tell us how you are since your fab news!

I feel so lucky and relieved! I had 15mm lump removed, which turned out to be very low grade 1 cancer, margins were clear and sentinel lymph nodes were clear. My breast surgeon told me on Mon 2nd at follow-up appt. I gave her such a big hug!
Got appt to see oncologist next Wed to arrange radiotherapy, also to discuss change of anti hormone drug. I’ve been on Arimidex last 9½ yrs, and not sure its working as well as it used to, bcos this cancer showed signs of being oestrogen-pos.
Last couple of days I’ve felt really tired and drained, and I’ve been sleeping 10+hrs! Must be the relief I suppose!
Wishing you all good luck on your bc journeys, and many many thanks to everyone who offered me advice and support. I really don’t know how we’d cope without places like this. I’ll be back shortly and I hope I can be of some help to others in need of a bit of support or advice.
Lesley xx