Had a lump for a year .. Biopsy?

Hi there


I’ve had a lump for a year now - it hasn’t changed and nothing shows on the ultrasound. They’ve offered me the option of having a biopsy , but I’m just wondering seeing as I’ve had the lump for a year and nothing has changed, maybe it’s just dense breast tissue?


Has anyone else had a lump for such a long time and just left it alone? Or decided to have a biopsy?


I’m anxious about having a biopsy - especially that they’ve said I can choose between a core and fine needle - I don’t like having to make a medical decision when I have no idea! If they can only see normal tissue on the ultrasound  then why would they biopsy? 


Thanks for reading and for any help / advice you can give x



Perhaps post on the Ask our nurses thread and see if they can give you some assistance.  But to be honest I would be going back to my breast team and getting more information so that you can make an informed decision, what difference either would make to your outcome and which one they would recommend, at the end of the day you need re-assurance




i had a biopsy yesterday and it was fine I didn’t feel it at all, I didn’t even feel the anesectic needle.

they took 3 samples from the lump, it was over in no time.

you should have it done because if is cancerous it can lay dormant for year my mother in law has terminal lung cancer but she didn’t know till they stumbled across it in a x-Ray. They monitor every 6 months because it’s lying dormant. so don’t dice with your life have it done the biopsy is nothing.

I hope my lump is cancerous either, I have my results next Wednesday.

Let me know how you go.