Had a nosey at my notes!!

You know when they go out of the room and you have a quick peek… Well I do
What does this mean anyone?
ER 5 + 2 = 7
PR 5 + 3 = 8
Grade 2 + 3 + 1 = 6
55mm (that was the size of tumour they removed).
Now waiting for MRI results then mastectomy with node clearance.
Some sort of scoring system. I’ve yet to find out hormone results. Is this them? What does it mean? Anyone got any ideas?
love Vanessa

Hi Mummyv

Sorry no ideas about your notes. Have not even got a clue what grade or size my lump(s) are/were, or wot is the size of tumour on my liver. Daren’t ask now either.

Hope your MRI scan results are good though, let us know when you get them. Keeping everything crossed.

Take care

Hi Vanessa

I asked for a copy of the letter sent to my GP and that helped me to understand. Perhaps you should ask for a copy of your notes. That way you can ask what the figures mean. Otherwise you could scare yourself silly. Julie.

Hi Vanessa, if you ring your bc nurse, she should be able to tell you what it means, think the letters might refer to hormones, but not sure, anyway, let us know how you get on


Or Vanessa, you could email “ask the nurse” on here, or ring there helpline


Oh that sounds better than owning up to noseying!!

My own cancer is ER+ 8 and PR+ 8. That means it is 8/8 Oestrogen Receptor positive and 8/8 Progesterone Receptor Positive. That’s as high as it goes.
So, I am thinking you might be 7/8 ER+ and 8/8 PR+.

I am on hormone therapy because of this and am taking Tamoxifen and Zoladex. (I am pre-menopausal).

Do ask your bc nurse or consultant/onc rather than worry.

Jacki xx

Yes i agree with the above comment. It sounds like you are oestrogen and progesterone positive which is good. It means there are loads of treatment options. The tumour grading seems confusing1 Either there are 3 smaller lumps with different grades, or the nuclear testing on 1 lump came out with different scores (average 2) Clarify with your bc nurse which one it is!
Love Julie XX

Hi Vanessa,

I am no doctor, so please don’t take this post as gospel. It looks as if you are highly ER and PR positive, which is a good prognosis - means you can have hormone therapy (tamoxifen if pre-menopausal, an aromatose inhibitor if post menospausal). The tumour was 55 mm, so I think I can transcribe that to my cm one - yours looks like 5.5 cm. Mine was 2 cm, and I had 2 surgeries, then chemo and rads. You may probably be advised to have neo-adjuvant chemo to shrink the tumour before surgery.

Do you have a bc nurse? If so, try and get an appt with her to explain it all. BC is not just one disease, but various variants, all of which are different and need different treatment plans.

Please ask your bc surgeon or bc nurse for a copy of your pathology results from after your surgery. This will give you all the information you need. Then come back here for us to interpret them for you. This is probably the most important information you can get.

Take care,

Thank you Liz Jackie and Julie,

Well that has concluded what I now know!! Becoming real experts arent we. Liz that was the tumour they took out at WLE so no shrinkage for me. It does explain why I had a drain in my breast and no one else did. I am pre menopausal at 37 so tamoxifen for a long time then. I am going to ask for a path report and ask them to tell me figures etc. I think they try to pussy foot around you really but I’m a facts and figures girl… The internet is a wonderful thing isnt it…

Thank you for all your help. I’m sure I’ll be asking something again soon.xxx
love to you all

Hi Vanessa

Please do ask your conusltant or breast care nurse for explanataion. We all have a right to see our notes, so don’t feel you just have to have a quick look when the doctor is out of the room!

I think the explanation of your grade may be as follows:

The grading (1-3) is actually worked out using a formula which takes into account 3 criteria, EACH of which is scored 1-3:

-tubule formulation (% of tumour composed of tubular structures)
-nuclear pleomorphism (change in cells)
-mitosis count (cell division.)

So there is a potential total score of 9.

scores of 3,4,5= grade 1 breast cancer least aggressive
scores of 6 and 7=grade 2 breast cancer moderately aggressive
scores of 8 and 9=grade 3 breast cancer most aggressive

Just got this off a reputable internet site, but ask your doctors.

best wishes


Got a copy of my histolgy. Yes it is ER and PR positive and it was a grade 2.
Results of MRI and ultrasound tomorrow…xxxxxx fingers xxxxxxxx

Hi Vanessa,

keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that the results today are good,

Take care,


Just wanted to join in and wish you luck with your results today!!!
kepping fingers crossed.

Let us know how you get on…

Cyber hugs & giggles
; )

Thank you Mel and Kelly

Well all is well!!! At last some positive news. No spread. So off with it on Wednesday! One question though. Do I get a post surgery bra before I have it off or after?

feeling great


Hi Vanessa,

thats awesome news, what a relief for you! I’m well pleased for you!! Its always horrid when we have to go for various tests and scans and its even more horrid waiting for the results, so when the news is good it makes it all worth while.

I took a million post surgery bra’s into hosp with me when I had my mastectomy and also a couple of sports type bra’s from M&S. However, to be honest the only time I wore one was on the day I went home, so I honestly wouldn’t go mad. Asda do a great post surgery bra for under £10, well worth a look,

Take care,