Had a triple assessment..waiting for results... not sure what I am feeling..


I am 46 years old with three lovely girls. I had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy all within three week of the GP finding something suspicious. The mammogram showed three lumps and calcifications. The ultrasound showed two of the lumps as being cysts. I had a biopsy on the calcifications and the third lump which they could not get to by ultrasound.
I was in the biopsy room for 2 hours. One of the sections where they took samples from is quite painful now. Should I be preparing myself for the worst?

Hi there, this is the hard bit waiting for results. They usually try and tell you your results within a week to 10 days or at least my hospital did. I’m not going to tell you to prepare for the worst although I know myself you will autmatcally be thinking that - I think its good that if 2 of the lumps are cysts then there is a good chance that the 3rd one will be too. Sounds from what you say they are being thorough with you too. All I can say is try to be positive - I know you are probably fed up of people saying that - whatever the news it is important not to think too far ahead and concenrate on the job in hand in stages.
My ultrasound looked like one lump but they could not tell me there and then if it was a cyst or not and it was classed as a “grey area” and had to look at the biopsy’s - now I think they knew then but due to my age did not want to tell me until they were 100% sure - I hope that the fact that they have told you that you have cysts ends in the result you want. Keep us posted and I will have everything crossed for you. M xxx

Dear Mandy2310 and All

Thank you for your support. I visited the hospital and all biopsies came back with ‘no further action’. I know I am one of the lucky ones and have a lot to be thankful for. I hope and pray that all those waiting for results have a similar outcome. I am signing off now… thank you once again.