had chemo and mastectomy with recon. they tell me I have osteoporosis and I've fallen apart!

Went today to have my drain removed not expecting any bad news. Surgeon told me I have osteoporosis in my spine and I am gutted. Just starting arimadex. I will be taking calcium/ vit d but also said to have fosomax. I know I won’t be able to take it. I can’t even take 1 ibuprofen without months of feeling ill, So am I just going to have to risk my bones crumbling. Feels like one step too far.

I’m sorry you had such a lousy report today. 5 years ago I started on Fosamax and came off it in Jan after 4 years, just as I was beginning 5 weeks of radiation following a lumpectomy. Then I began the arimidex which of course can lead to bone loss, so I am doomed! Typical! I had no problems with Fosamax (they gave it to you because it’s the cheapest) and perhaps you won’t either. Give it a try at least. It’s only once a week. If it won’t work there are lots of other choices out there. I live in the US and I know there is a twice a year injection called Prolia. Boniva falls under the same class of drug as Fosamax, as does Actonel, Reclast, and Zometa. The last 2 are once a year given by IV. Another drug is Evista which binds with estrogen receptors throughout the body to produce some estrogen-like effects. It helps prevent spine fracture. Another drug, Forteo, is for people with severe osteoporosis. There is also something called Denosumab which is also called Xgeva and may be the same as Prolia. Whatever you do, make sure you get lots of calcium, at least 1500 mg daily and 1000 units of D. Also do as much weight bearing exercise as possible, like walking (swimming doesn’t count). By the way, I’m not in the medical or drugs field. My background was as a corporate librarian. I love to do research and I found this info mainly on WebMD. Best of luck, and keep in touch with how you do on the Fosamax. C

Thank you so much for replying. I think I was coping ok with the cancer but the new disease pushed me to the edge. It’s good to know that there are alternatives out there. Once I have recovered from the op I will get moving. The lifestyle stuff I feel I can do. It’s the medications that I feel I loose control with. A bit of it is not wanting to admit there is anything wrong with me!!