had herceptin stopped

hi everyone, first time i am posting, although i have been reading all the posts daily.
i have ibc, had chemo,mx on the 25 nov plus full node clearance. 4 infected.was told i was her2 positive, so started herceptin. have had 4. now my oncologist has told me that further tests on removed breast tissue show that i am her negative so i have to stop herceptinm my problem is this, doc wants to put me on arimidex. i have read that this is also just for positive cancer.so whats the difference from herceptin? anyone else out there who is postmenapausal and her negative?what therapy are you on?


HER status is different to hormone status. I am 100% positive for oestrogen(ER) and progesterone(PR) hormones but HER- so herceptin wouldn’t be appropriate for me. You must be ER+ to some degree for your onc to advise arimidex. Your pathology report will show all sorts of info so ask your breast care nurse or onc at next appt to explain a bit more - that’s what they’re there for. Think there’s also a factsheet on this site about how to understand all the abbreviations/terms etc used. ust takes a bit of getting used to, like a new language but you’ll soon get the hang of it!!

Good luck with all your treatment. It’s a scary place to be at the beginning but you will get through it.