had immediate reconsrtuction

hi all,
i having been reading that most of the ibc ladies, have had immediate recon, basically because there is a high chance of reccurrance, which i have had twice, now and starting chemo next week for the second time. the hospital that i am under in wales are a very good hospital, and so are my breast cancer team, and they are aware of ibc, but i dont think they see it on a regular basis, my surgeon told me his last patient was four and half years ago, ad she was fine and she had the same dx has me.The thing is whats concerning me is i am having more chemo, then more surgery removig the mucsle then tummy tuck using ski from there to close me up, so what i am trying to say is would this have happenend if i did now have reco straight away is what my surgeon suggested in the first place, i did mentio all this to my bcn the reason why he did was because i responded really well to the chemo i had the first time which was sept 2010 but i have had two local reccurances very quick. i wish i ever had the rec now.

hi,i too have ibc ,had chemo,mx and am now having radio. my surgeon says i cant have a reconstruction for 2 years because of high risk of recurrance!

hi genette65,
this is what i keep hearing about ibc, when i was first dx he told me he treated a young girl three years before me with ibc, and she had no problem, my brast nurse said i proberly would of got a reccurrance whether i had rec or not, but i will never know that now. i did have a very good responce to the chemo the first time thats why they recommended, recon straight away who knows. thanks for you reply