Had last chemo to-day

Hi all I had my last chemo to-day I am so excited I also saw the big doctor who doesnt want to see me again for 6 months. He was so pleased with me. I start Armitrex in 2 weeks time for 5 years. I did tell him I was very worried about the side effects that I have heard so what he is doing with me is after 2 months if I am having any bad side effects that I cant handle then I have just to phone my BC nurse who was with me to-day and he will have me straight back. He did say these tablets were fantastic so I really has no argument with him when he said this So what we did was shake hands on the deal I said I would do the 2 months any problems and I am straight on the phone. It was a very emotioal day to-day for me the tears was terrible. I even had the nurses crying.What made it worse was there was 3 new patients ready for the fight.They were just starting there first treatment. So they were asking me all the usual questions Does the treatment go quick Whats the side effects like About losing your hait so in between all the tears I was trying to answer them as best as I could Anyway I did manage to get away after 3 hours. all my friends and my daughter took me for lunch to the Chinese so I ate for Scotland we all had a great time. Soall you on here I do hope things go as good for you as it has been for me Please take care Love Linda

Hello Linbob

Congratulations on finishing your chemo. I understand about the tears. I still see my chemo nurses as I have to go there every 3 weeks for a year to have Herceptin but I felt a bit emotional when I finished rads as the people there were so nice. I can’t see your profile to check but have you had rads already?

I’m on Aromasin rather than Arimidex and so far (I’ve been on it for 3 weeks) have slightly more painful joints and muscles than I already had with the Herceptin and also my hot flushes are a bit worse but the side effects so far are not really bad.

Take care
Love Anthi


what a great post- fantastic news that you have finished chemo - only 4 more to go for me. I’m so glad that you got spoilt and taken out afterwards.

Just 1 question - why Arimidex and not Tamoxifen - how do they decide what to give???

hi Kelyn I dont know why I am 48 and I started the menopause at 46 so I think its something to do with hormones I didnt ask as I am a bit of a coward about hearing things so I just let them get on with it I had my masectomy in Jan and 4 epi and 4 cmf no rads as they said I was border line whatever that means and I didnt need any rads. I did mention Rads to the doctor to-day and he did say he was happy for me not to have any he said he already has a discussion with another 7 doctors they have a board meeting every2 weeks the doctors to discuss each case and they were all happy without me having rads. So I was so pleased as it was a long journey into Edinburgh every day for a month. Well youll be here soon bragging just like me I am on a high to-night feel fantastic so you take care and I will keep watching your posting to see how you are doing Love Linda xxx

WELL DONE linbob…on finishing your chemo.

karen x

Well done linbob, thats great news!!!

Kelyn - I was due to have Tamoxifen but when my onc found out that I’m HER2+ he has said I’ll be having Arimidex instead. Was told why but was havin chemo at the timeso can’t remember! Will ask when I go for my mid CMF appt,


Well done Linbob - great you have come to the end of that chapter. Just starting mine tomorrow!!
Take care

So pleased it is over for you at last linda, mine ends next friday and cannot wait to walk out of that hospital for last time. You have done really well and at least you can finally sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour over the next few months, i am having 4 weeks of rads after chemo finishes but have told onc today i am definitely having a holiday before i start any further treatment. Then i go onto tamoxifen for 5 yrs bwhich sounds fine to me as at least it will hopefully keep us both going for many more then 5 yrs.


Yep, Arimidex post menopause and Tamoxifen pre-menopause although not quite as black and white as that but both are anti-oestrogen. I was on Tamoxifen and then had my ovaries removed and now on Arimidex. No side effects from either, hot flushes were already there so can’t blame the drugs. Not put on an ounce either which seems to be what most ladies complain about.

Well done Linbob, hope the corks are popping.


woooohoooo congrats chica…seems there are a fair few finishing off lately.