had last chemo when can i dye my hair.

hi girls.
i had my last chemo (only had 4 cant stand it ) on 22nd may. i wore cold cap so hair was gt. at last chemo so ill and sick i couldn’t stand cold cap so took it off an hour before should have. i have had hairs fall8ing out. so this proved i would have had no hair if didn’t do cold cap. anyway not thinning enough for people to notice.
i would like to know
when it would stop thinning i don’t have hair come out but now about 20 hairs morning and night so minimal really.
when is it safe to dye my hair as i am really grey now.
is there any ones you would recommend
thanks in advance

Hi Julie
My BCN nurse doesn’t see any reason why I cannot dye my hair through chemo if I want to as long as I use organic dyes and I don’t have ones that go right on my scalp. I think Sainsbury sell them and also you can get ones made especially for use during chemo online apparently. You have to be prepared for the colours not to be exactly the same so you minght want to test a bit first. I had mine dyed days before chemo to last as long as poss. I am using the cold cap and the majority is there but drifts off if I gently tug it, so trying to ignore it.
good luck