Had lumpectomy yesterday and feel good

Hi all

It’s Netty, just thought I would let you all know that the op went well, I didn’t get upset or nervous or worried at all. The whole thing went really smoothly, I loved the drugs :slight_smile:

I am all strapped up like a mummy and can move my arm to my waist thank goodness, its a little sore, but my boob feels fine under this bandage, probably hurts less than when they roam free.

The surgeon came and told me they removed two nodes and that whilst they checked during the op they looked clear all will be revealed on 11th. So you can see I would like to get excited but have to wait until 11th. More waiting. That is good news isn’t it? Also find out about clear margins on 11th.

Thanks to all of you for your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Much love to you all and good luck to any of you having your ops soon, you were right, it isn’t that bad.

Thanks girls.
Love Netty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad that the op went well Netty

Good luck for the results on 11th.

Hi Netty,

So glad all went well for you, see your wasn’t even nervous!! very brave! it all sounds good and hopefully good results will follow for you.

Unfortunately, I have to go back next week for re-exision, but hopefully this will be the last time.

Take care
Tracey xx

Hi Tracey

I am sorry you have to go back for re-exision, is that to get clear margins or more nodes? Its all a bit hit and miss until they get everything isn’t it, then they can start the rads, chemo etc.

I am hoping for good results on 11th but also prepared for whatever comes. You have to be in this game uh? Good luck for next week Tracey.

Thanks both
Much love Netty

Pleased everything went ok with WLE,yes i felt better keeping a bra on but think it depends what part of the bust the lump was.Yes was, its gone now
I felt even better when i realised that.
I had my opp at stepping hill in stockport,it was only 6mm which was great as at ultra scan thought it was 10mm then specialist went down to 8mm
Clear lymphs.now having 15rads over 3wks and I’m on arimidex for 5yrs,I was on HRT till dx then was told to stop it ,which was a bit of a shock to the system
as you are usually weaned off it.

Curly will keep everything crossed for you xxxxx

Hi Curley,

My lump presented in an unusual and awkward position! hence re-exision to gain better margins (I hope!).
I will then be having chemo and rads and hormone thingy for 5 years. Yes, it can be a bit hit and miss to get it all sorted, fortunately nodes were negative.

Walton, well done for escaping chemo and hope the rads treatment is going well.

I really do hope your results on 11th will be all good Netty,

Love Tracey xx

Hi Moonshine, so sorry to hear you have to go back in. I am recovering from 2nd op - sore and tired!. Should have got results yesterday but sample did not get to the lab for 5 days and hence not long enopugh for the results yesterday. It seems like we will be starting chemo at the same timish. will you be going to broomfield?
Love sharon xx

Hi Sharon,

It’s lovely to hear from you, I have been wondering how you are. Sorry you had to have 2nd op too and that you now have to wait longer for your results. It’s not nice waiting is it? I will be having chemo at Broomfield so there’s a chance we will be having it around the same time. Lily has mentioned you and I having lunch with her soon, it would be nice if we can arrange it somehow. I will be having op next thursday.

I can imagine how sore and tired you are, hope you are being well looked after and resting.

Take care,
Tracey xx

Hi all

Thanks for you support, I will be on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs, rads defo and possibly chemo, depends on the results on 11th. Wishing you guys good luck for your results and second ops, I will keep you updated on mine.
Much love
Netty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx