Had my appointment at breast unit but don't feel reassured

Hi, I really need some sane advice. About 6 weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast. I had noticed a slight burning sensation there for a while but during a self check I found this lump.

It took me a week to pluck up the courage to tell anyone let alone phone the doctor. My GP could feel the lump and referred me to the breast unit. I had a couple of minutes with the consultant who asked me questions and did a quick assessment. I was then sent for an ultra sound. During the ultra sound I don’t feel that the lady who did it ran the probe over the area where the lump is. I have very large breasts and the way she had me lay, the lump was in the crease of my breast. I didn’t say anything because she does this on a daily basis and assumed she knows what she is doing.

When it came to my results the consultant said the ultra sound didn’t pick anything up and she couldn’t feel anything. I questioned how she couldn’t feel the lump when I can feel it and my own doctor could also feel it and she just said it is ‘probably just glandular tissue’ and then began talking to me like I was about to start puberty and how my body is changing all the time. I am 37 years old and she made me feel like a teenager.

I don’t want to sound like a drama queen but I really don’t want to hear ‘probably’ I want a black or white answer. I have already spoken to my GP and she has suggested waiting for the letter from the consultant and then ringing them back and explaining how I feel and requesting another consultation as that is all my GP would do.

I obviously don’t want it to be BC, but I would like to know lump is caused by something. My husband thinks I am over reacting and maybe I am, but I know there is something not right. If she had done a needle test and said it was glandular tissue or a cyst I would have kissed her and danced on the ceiling. Am I wrong in wanting a definite answer? I feel like I am wasting valuable resources.

Hello Alyal

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You have every right to complain and ask for a second test to be done by another lady or you can phone another hospital and explain what happened and they should tell you to ask your doc to send you there for an examination,
dont let them fob you off

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you’re still feeling worried after the breast clinic. I had a similar experience - a fine needle aspiration didn’t work and so the results were inconclusive. I was unhappy with receieving inconclusive results, as I am such a worrier!

I have found it extremely hard to get an earlier appointment. I have one scheduled for the 6th December, but that is 2 and a half months since the appintment and the worrying has really been getting to me. I phoned up the clinic, they couldn’t change it. I phoned my gp, they couldn’t change it. I know that they are really busy. I have now decided to pay for a private second opinion for some peace of mind, and have tests this evening. I know its pricey - I’m a very skint student! but I think if you are worried you should really push for a second opinion with the clinic, as it is so stressful having it in the back of your mind.

Take care, x

Hi Alyal

can you still feel the lump? if so i would definately go back to GP or contact breast nurse at hospital.
Did you not have a mammogram as well? the clinic i attended you saw consultant, had mammogram then the scan.

you are obviously not happy or reassured, so you definately need a 2nd opinion (and you know your own body)

Good luck
Gill x

Thanks for your replies ladies.

Birdy21, how did your appointment go? I have toyed with the idea of going private but we are on a debt management plan at the moment so this is something we really cannot budget for.

Gill13, yes I can still feel the lump and the burning sensation is still there too. No I didn’t have a mammogram just 5 minutes examination and an ultrasound. I am still waiting for my letter so as soon as I get that my GP said to ring them and request a second opinion. If I went through my GP it would take longer than if I did it myself.

Thank you xxxx

hello . if you can still feel the lump , ring the breast unit and ask them for advice, they may be able to fit you on their next clinic to have it re looked at… dont wait for letters… ring them and explaine, you felt that the scan prope missed the sopt causing you concern…, angie