Had my Diep...now uplift or not?????

PLease can anyone advice me,I had my Diep Reco done last Sept,which gave me back a breast after 13 yrs,but a massive one lol,so my Surgeon reduced it but its still not matching and Ive now got double scarring.What Ive been offered is an uplift on my original smaller breast.Please can someone let me know if its a good idea,the 2 male Plastic S were saying leave it alone but the Sister said to me,she would def go for it? Has anyone had the same done? Many thanks

I went for it and was really pleased. I as lucky enough to have it done under local anaesthetic so had no after affects at all. I had it done at the same time as my new nipple. I was really pleased with the result.

Kelley - hope you do not mind me asking but i am fascinated - did you have bits of your good boob cut under local? what exactly did they do? Did it take long? I am keen to get mine sorted out and need to know what is involved.

Love Jane x

Hi,I had a revision…which meant i had a general and Two cuts into the new breast along with abit of Liposuction,I was in Hoapital for 7am and managed to persuade them to let me go home at 8.3o pm