Had my first Taxotere

Had my first Taxotere

Had my first Taxotere Well finally got my first Taxotere today - it’s 5 weeks since my last chemo (had 3 x FEC).

It’s been quite a social affair today and the steroids make me so chatty! I’m a bit weary (only 2 hours sleep last night!).

Now this is the bit that’s hard - just waiting to see what’s going to happen and not having any control - it’s in there now and not coming out. Trying to relax and worry about side effects as and when they happen.

Anita :slight_smile:

Well done You Hiya Anita.
We posted to each other I believe when I first came on here, and I am watching your progress cos I’m following in your footsteps. I have one more chemo then the following 4 are Taxotere and like you I’m freaked out after reading some of the posts on here. Everyone is different and go with the flow - don’t stress about what might not happen. Just two more are your’e done!! Thinking of you - download a few free games on the computer for those sleepless nights, I’ve become addicted!
Cheers Anne

Hi Anita
finished my last Taxotere three weeks ago, and went for my rads planning today, I can’t believe how fast the time has passed by…
Good luck with it all…


Hi Anne I have got addicted to Mahjong and can while away an hour or so when I can’t sleep. And I also like Spider Solitaire. Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of those old Space Invaders tables they used to have in the pubs years ago - I was totally addicted to them.

I’ve done so much cleaning these last couple of days! I think on Saturday I will collapse into a heap!

The chemo thing has not been too bad so far - doable is what I was advised by lots on this site - and its been just that. Having that extra week between chemos has meant all my blood counts are really up so hopefully that will help.

Hope yours are going OK?

Take care,
Anita :slight_smile:

Thanks Jax How was Taxotere for you - are you feeling OK now?

Have not seen my Onc yet for rads planning, but a couple of the girls having treatment at the same time as me are having it in guildord, where I will be going, and they are starting a new programme where you go every other day - 3 days one week, 2 the next , so hoping I will get that too. It’s an hour’s drive each way, so that is what makes it extra tiring.

How many are you having?


Hi Anita
I am having the 5 days 2 days off for three weeks, regime, it starts the 2nd July…I cant wait to finish as this is my second year of treatments and I am so fed up with it all…then next year I am going to go for my recon, so more treatment to look forward to! But hey thats the nature of this disease,

hope alls well otherwise

Jax xx

Hiya Anita,

I had my 1st Taxotere yesterday, I was soooo worried about it after reading some of the posts on here.

So far the only effect I have had is very red flushed hot cheeks.
I was on EC before and usually within about 5 - 6 hours after chemo would feel quite nauseous, touch wood the nauseous feeling hasnt got me yet, but im not going to get cocky as I know that there is going to be something not nice with Taxotere coming my way!

I hope we are the lucky ones that can manage to sail through it?

All you ladies out there keep your chins up and keep smiling. :o)

Love and best wishes toyou all.

Julie x

Hi Julie - let me know how you get on! I have red cheeks, neck and back - so far nothing else. Have had a very hyper 3 days with the steroids and got a lot done in the house. Got more sleep than I was expecting - think because I wore myself out physically.

Going to brave the shops now - fingers crossed!

Take care

Anita :slight_smile:

Hello Anita,

been following this post carefully due to fact that I have 3 x Taxotere after my next 3rd FEC. Found FEC to be perfectly okay, no real side-effects so far! Am dreading Taxotere though - its so good to hear some better experiences of it!

Pauline x

Hi Pauline Will keep you updated! Just irritable today - think an afternoon nap called for!

Take care


First Taxotere Hi Anita,

Glad to hear you’ve finally had your first Taxotere and you’re feeling ok so far.

I had my first Tax two weeks ago and am due my second next Friday.

I think the worst part (or maybe the best according to your point of view) has been the hyper effect of the steroids. I never stopped talking, hardly ever sat down and had so much energy on so little sleep - amazing! I wore my family out!

The only problem I’ve had to date has been gut trouble during the first week when I also felt a bit tired but not as tired as when I was on EC. As of yet I’ve had no sickliness, aches or pains and very little tiredness. Also, I’ve not had the red skin thing that you mention. I don’t doubt that there is something bad waiting around the corner but at the moment I am so relieved to be feeling fine.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Jibby X