Had nipple and scar done

Hi to you all

I have now had my nipple reconstructed using some skin from my back, had it done on the 2nd April. They tidied the scar on my back at the same time and used some of this skin. Only nuisance is not being able to shower for 2 weeks till I get the dressings off.

I was just wondering, they said there is a risk that the graft may not work. If this happens, what do they do next??

I am not being pessimistic, I can’t wait to see the result, just wondered what they would do.

Also if anyone else has had nipple done, does it look realistic?

Any comments welcome.

Best of luck to all undergoing recon surgery.

Love Deborah.

Hi Deborah,

I had bilateral nipple recon done in Feb this year using the skin from the end of each breast and they look amazing. I have my next consultation in May to discuss the tatoo and the possibility of going bigger as I am smaller than I was pre cancer and would so love to be the size I was before.

Hope all goes well

Love Karen