Had nipple done


Just to let you all know that I had my nipple reconstruction on Monday. My blood pressure was OK on the day.

I was expecting to have a clover leaf cut on the patch where my nipple and aureola used to be but the surgeon had changed his procedure since it was discussed at the time of my mastectomy/TRAM recon.

They now cut strips, leave them attached and curl them into a rosette shape. Has anyone else had their nipple done like this.

I’ll let you know what it looks like when dressing comes off.

Marilyn x

Hi Marylin

I had mine done on 2nd April, am going for the unveiling on 22nd, so cant wait to see it.

Mine was done using some skin from my back (they tidied up my scar from my LD recon at the same time), so there must be different ways of doing it.

Will let you know how it looks on Tuesday.

Best wishes, Deborah x

Hi Deborah

Not only had Mr Saidan changed technique for recon, he’d changed unveiling also. Instead of 3 week appoinment it’s take dressing off at 5 days (yourself), alternate stitches out at 7 days (practice nurse) and reaminder at 14 days with appointment at 3 months.

Well I took the dressing off on Saturday and I cried, IT’S BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE. Will look even better with tattoo.

Hope yours is same tomorrow.

Good luck
Marilyn x

Hi Marilyn

I am soooo pleased for you :slight_smile:

I am now desperate to see mine, as you can imagine, having to wait 20 days has seemed like an eternity!

Its funny, but this is such a big deal, just having it look like the other will be great.

I just hope mine is as good as yours sounds. Roll on tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Love Deborah xx

Hi Marilyn and Deborah

Deb - I am back from France and ready for the unveiling !!!

Marilyn - Is that Mr Saidan at Chorley Hospital? I had Mr George - can’t wait to have mine done now but think it will be next year.

Good luck Deb

Liz xx

its been great to read all your positive - pleased comments, this is my next stage in london st thomass, phew
thanks julie xxx

Hi Liz, Deborah & Julie

Liz - Yes it is Mr Saidan at Chorley

Deborah - Good luck for today

Julie - Hope yours is soon, it feels so much better than seeing a patch in the mirror.

Take care
Marilyn x

Hi Liz and Marilyn

Sorry about the delay, didn’t find time to come on here yesterday.

Just to say, I am over the moon!!

It looks absolutely fabulous, and it is wonderful to see a matching boob at last. Had to wait an hour and a quarter past my appointment time in a waiting room like an oven, but it was worth it. I was so nervous but so relieved when I finally saw it. All my stitches were disolving ones, I just have some dried blood and it is a bit scabby, but it has healed lovely, and when it is tattoed, it will be just like the other one. I also had some excess flesh taken from my scar on my back and now this is lovely and flat too, so all in all, I am a happy bunny :slight_smile:

I am going back in November to see the consultant and arrange for my tattoo. I feel now I can start to get back to some sort of new normality, and feel great!

Best wishes to you Julie, and everyone alse having this done.

Love Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah

Thats great news - pity we can’t put pics on here !!

Liz xx


I had nipple recon two weeks ago. My nipple is still quite large and swollen, I have been told this is normal and the size will reduce. Has anyone else noticed their nipple swollen. My ps used skin on my recon boob to make nipple. I need liposuction to reduce boob to match other side which left excess skin.

Other than the swelling the nipple looks great.

Linda x

Just thought I’d join in, I had my nipple recon on Feb 14th , and it was a fab valentines pressy !!

I’m over the moon with it, I did have reservations at first about having it done. But I’m so please, I feel as though it’s completed the job… I had a tram flap in dec 06.

I like you couldn’t wait to see it, and it’s get better when all the scabs fall off !!

The method of by BS was to twist the skin on the boob to make the nipple and then use a skin graft from the scarring on my stomach (extending it).
Must say the skin graft, caused the most discomfort.

It’s amazing how the tecnology is moving so fast.