Had TUG recon, not sure how long I need to wear pressure girdle or cycling shorts?

Hi, I have had a TUG recon nearly two weeks ago and was given the not so attractive crutchless pressure girdle to wear 24/7. I wore this whilst in hospital although it came about five days after surgery and then whilst at home wore it in bed only and chose to wear cycling shorts during the day.
After my appointment with my breast care nurses yesterday I have been told I have fluid on my leg and I should wear the girdle again during the day and cycling shorts at night when I am less active.
one nurse advised to wear the girdle for 6 weeks, the other said 3 months. I can find no literature on this and am aware not all surgeons prescribe the girdle.
has anyone had the TUG and any experience of girdle or cycling shorts and if so how long were you advised to wear them for?

Will be grateful for any comments.
Thank you, Toni

Bumping this up for any advice x

Hi Tonit,
sorry I have only just seen this post, don’t get on here much anymore! I had my TUG in January, wore cycling shorts 24 hours for 6 weeks, never had a problem with fluid, but was kept in for 12 days as my drains were still loosing too much at the time. How did you get on with this? How is the fluid now, have you had it drained?
Hope you are pleased with the results? Can I ask where you had your TUG, as not that many hospitals do it. I have since had 2 Coleman fat transfer to even i things out, but am very pleased with the results :slight_smile: Hope you are happy with yours? X

Sorry for the delay in responding, I have just come out of a seven day stint back at Hospital!
I went last Tuesday for a normal check up, now they decided to be worried about my leg! It turned out there was an infection/bug, (I just knew it wasnt right). So they put me on an IV drip with antibiotics for seven days, plus drained 120ml. After I had been in for two nights, they decided to perform a skin graft on my boob as it had a very deep scab on my breast tissue, not my flap.
So I am back to wearing cycling shorts as I cannot get the girdle on due to the amount of bandage on my skin graft donor leg. Although it is seven weeks today since my MX and Recon, now I feel I have been put back, but will find out more tomorrow when I go for my check up and further scan on my leg. Hopefully I will be able to drive and walk further, c’mon its the kids school holidays :slight_smile:

Twelve days is a long time to be in hospital for one visit so to speak, but definately better to be safe than sorry. I was released after seven days, but now remembering it was my leg which the last 24hr measurement was 60ml, so it was still draining slowly.
You sound really positive and happy with your result, which is so good to read :slight_smile:
I found this, that there are hardly any ladies who have had the TUG recon. I had it at Broomfields by Mr , who did yours and where, if you also dont mind me asking?

Take care


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