had Ultrasound biopsy - so why now a mamo?

Hi all,

had a look in the section of the forum and can’t see anyone same as me. anyone help?
had the ultrasound which they said they couldn’t tell - then biopsy - phone call on monday (yesterday) to say consultant now wants a mamo done. I expect he has the biopsy results as had it done over a week ago. why a mamo??
Plus I am only 29 and everything I have read said they don’t do mamo under 35!!

I have to go on friday for mamo - really hope I get my results - its driving me mad.

thanks for any advice.

Please call the BC nurses at the hospital. I am sure they would be able to help you to understand why they are doing the mamo. I am sure they would much rather spend time talking to you about it than have you worrying (probably unneccessarily).

keep us posted, good luck.


Hi Snotty,

Seen your other posts but not answered before. Just wanted to echo what Poppy said although we all know its hard waiting. If there’s any comfort at least you know they are being thorough! By ringing the BC nurses they may be able to shed some more light on it for you as to what the biopsy said, though it may just raise more questions!

Hang on in there, Friday is not too far really (I know it seems a lifetime!) and at least you should have definate answers then, xx

thanks ladies - I am scared to call the nurse as no idea how - sounds daft I know - plus don’t want to sound like a looney!!! just though whether anyone else had this happen to them.

Friday is not too far but feels like a lifetime away. I will try to stay clam with it all.

thanks again!!

Didnt you get a contact card after your biopsy? If not you could perhaps try calling the clinic and asking if a nurse could contact you? You wouldnt sound like a looney at all! Only two more sleeps. xx

hope everything goes ok for you today and you get your results .xxxx

Good luck for today Snotty, x

Best of luck, been thinking about you.

Best of luck for today - hope you get some info. Breast Care nurses are wonderful ppl who never think anyone sounds like a loonie, if you have any questions, no matter how stupid they might seem to you then just give them a call, phone the hospital and just ask for the Breast Care Nurse - they will direct your call to the right dept.

well I now know - I do have breast cancer, the mamo was just to check whether there was any more. I am glad I now know but still in shock!! I am having the lump removed on tuesday next week - they have fit me into a cancellation slot then when the lump is tested I will know whether and what further treatment - def radio therapy and very possible chemo.

its only small about 1cm so am lucky plus where it is - lucky it was there as if it was further inside the breast I may never of found it for a long time!!!

I am now joining the club!! see you over in the next bit - feel like a rabbit in headlights!!!

Oh dear, so so sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with this hateful disease. It is so hard to find out, but you do start putting your head in order and dealing with it, we really are very strong inside and that comes out when we need it, like now. Up until I got my dx, I was saying the waiting was worse, when I got it, I felt like actually knowing was worse but it’s amazing how quickly you adjust to what is about to happen and what needs to be done.

I had only just turned 40 when diagnosed, so in the scheme of BC, relatively young. The positive is young means they can hit you with the maximum treatments, ok it aint fun, but we get through it and cope with it.

I wish you so much luck for minimal after treatments and the best outcome possible.


Thanks Nikki,

I was so pleased to finally know - sound strange but the not knowing was eating me up inside - I am still scared but being only 29 think I have a fantastic chance of it going well - plus its only small.

fingers crossed - its all happening so quick with surgery on tuesday - not much time to dwell on it!!!


It’s not strange, I totally get it. Now you can go, right, lets deal with it!!!

Keep us informed of how it all goes ok.

Thinking of you


So sorry to read that you have BC. I am pleased that you are getting it dealt with so quickly though, like you said, less time to dwell on it. All the best for the best possible outcome with as few treatments as possible.

My thoughts are with you xxx

Hi Snotty,

So sorry you have joined the club and at such a young age! Its a good thing they have, or rather you have, caught it so early and are throwing everything they can at it.

We are all here for support for you and as you say now that you know what you are dealing with you can get on and fight it.

Well done for being so vigilant about your own health!


Is it me or are there more and more younger women getting BC or is it that a larger proportion of the statistical10% of under 40s are on this website or the threads I read than the 80% of over 60s? (I am 39).

Hello Snottrags

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Lots of luck on Tuesday. Will be thinking about you.

Best wishes
Anthi x

Hi Ostrich,

I dont know, although it seems quite a lot are young doesn’t it. Is that maybe the format of internat being a technology based generation? I thank my lucky stars for this place, has helped so much.


So sorry Vicky that they found cancer,your head will be in pieces at the minute,I found that finding out was easier to deal with than the waiting,Stepping hill are really very good.I Was dx on the 9th July WLE on the 23rd July results from lumpectomy was just less than a fortnight later.the lump was actually smaller than originally thought turned out to be 6mm Plus 6nodes taken which was clear.5weeks after WLE started 3weeks of Radiotherapy,every day from mon to fri,Then Arimidex for 5yrs.The opp in its self was fine went down at 9.30am was eating lunch a few hours later.was home the following day by lunch time.To tell you the truth the only problem that i had was taking the painkillers co-codamol.which gave me constipaton so make sure you get plenty of fibre and drink plenty of water,though i only took them for 2days then went on to paracetamol,the water will also get rid of the blue dye they put into your system.Take each stage as it comes.i wish the very best for you on Tuesday and you never know I may at sometime meet up with you.i’m back there on the 4th November xxxxxxx

Good luck for you tomorrow Vicky xxxxxxx

Good luck for tomorrow - I was diagnosed following mamogram, ultrasound and biopsy on 4th July, WLE on 28th July and today was my last treatment of radiotherapy at Christies.!
You will make it, just hang in there.