Haematoma after surgery. Feel neglected!! Could scream!!

Hi, I had a mastectomy on 23 Aug. I had my op at 10 drain out at 2:30 and discharged at 4:30. My BP was 99/59, nearly passed out when I got out the lift. I was in agony on the way home. The next afternoon I had swelling and bruising under my armpit. Went to A&E to be there for 6 hours to be sent to another hospital to be given morphine, discharged at 2am and told to go to BCN the next morning, which I did. Saw the surgeon who said he thought it had stopped bleeding, and to go to A&E if it gets worse. The bruising is now halfway across my remaining boob, under my arm, around to my back and to my waist. i feel peed off, neglected and fed up. Not in a great deal of pain just really uncomfortable. I know if I go to A&E I’ll be basically waiting till Tuesday till bank holidays over. Could scream to be honest!! ??

Oh my, that sounds horrible karlabird! To be out of hospital so quickly and now this, I’m not surprised you feel neglected. I hope you can see someone useful very very soon to have this checked out and sorted x

Karla, scream away, I think you’re quite entitled! ? Not at all sure why you are being shuttled around, and you certainly get a prize for a pretty quick release. Hope you get some decent help soon. Sending a hug and wishing I could do more. X

I went to breast clinic yesterday, my surgeon wasn’t at work so saw another who asked for my blood results that I’d had taken previously on the Thursday.my blood count before the op was 12.6 on the Thursday night it was 9. Then ystrdy on the request of the new surgeon 8.4. The lovely man fitted me in after his clinic, at another hospital where there was a theatre available. Just been released, with a drainage morphine . I felt so I’ll. Already feel so much better. Bloods today was still 8.4 so escaped a transfusion. Hopefully on the mend now x

Karla, so glad you were seen by another surgeon and hopefully on the mend. It must have been a scary few days. Fortunate that you persevered for a solution. Take it easy, take your pain relief and do your exercises xx