Haematoma - is surgery required?


One of my relatives was recently diagnosed with a haematoma in her breast. Ultrasound scan results show it as “probably benign”. Doctor suggested antibiotic along with a pain-killer for sometime and left it to the body to heal itself. Reddish portion of haematoma has healed a little during last 3 weeks. However, today when she consulted doctor, it was observed that the skin covering haematoma has thinned down and their is a possibility of liquid coming out.

So, doctor is suggesting a minimal cut to take out haematoma. We are really worried now as any invasive surgery can lead to complications. I would really appreciate if you can share your experiences, if any, as well as suggestions.


Hello A

I have just seen this post so sorry its been a wait for you to get a reply. I had a haemotoma in my leg (I know its not the same) This was while I was approaching my 3rd Tax, anyway there was alot of infection, it was about the size of a tennis ball and I could barely walk. Basically if this had been the only thing to deal with I think they would have cut in but that would have put me on crutches on the top of everything else. In the end they put a needle in and removed some gunk and then put me on intensive antibiotics. Im sure they will only do surgery if really necessary, after all the main concern is treating your cancer.
Hope all goes well