Haematoma signs

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I have seen a few threads on here of ladies wondering if they will develope a haematoma which is abuild up of blood inside the breast after surgery. It sounds worse than it is. Just to reassure it happens either after surgery or approx 10 days after. Basically your tit starts bleeding. As you know your all bandaged up and it comes though that. You’ll know about it !! I was terrified when it happened to me one night. Lucky i had my post op check the next day but it was one scary night. Didnt want to go to A and E because they werent cancer specialists. I found mine was worse when lying down if i stayed upright it stopped. With little aleep went to my appointment and they just squeezed it all out with my surgeons hands. I didnt feel a thing anf the surgeon said it was quite common and nothing to worry about ".

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Thank you for sharing this reassuring personal experience with the online community.  I imagine this will ease a few worries for some.

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Hi Debbie. I’m sorry you’re having these problems at a time when you’re already coming to terms with a lot. Drainage of a haematoma is very straightforward and should soon settle down afterwards. I had my lymph node biopsies in clinic before my op so knew I had to have them removed. Depending on the site of your original incision if you need your nodes removing they may be able to use the same scar. If you do need them removed the important thing is to remember to do your exercises afterwards. I hope it all goes well on Thursday. Please let us know how you’re doing xx

Hi again Debbie,


The haematoma’s are just a build up of fluid - not necessarily blood. They are normally just aspirated by inserting a hyperdermic needle to draw off the fluid. You get immediate relief. It may build up again and need the same. But if only a small build up, it will just be absorbed naturally.

As I said on the other post, it needs to be done as soon as poss, as it can delay healing underneath.


Good Luck with it flower and I hope your results are good. Please let us know how you go on.

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Hi all, first time on here…


I’m four weeks post-lumpectomy, just two weeks ago, developed Haematoma, BCN unconcerned, mentioned it to oncologist last week, didn’t seem bothered…but op scar around nipple started leaking three days ago, now turns to yellow pus, guess I’m going to have to attend BC drop-in clinic? Hasn’t mentioned delaying start of radiotherapy, although still waiting on Oncotype dx results…


Anyway, so glad to be able to access this, you’re all amazing. Everyone’s so different, but we’ll hopefully beat this crap and move on with our lives. 

Hi Tarajanine - mmmm, that sounds somewhat nastier than a haemotoma which is usually clearish fluid, rather than yellow. Is the fluid THICK and yellow. If so it’s more likely to be infection. My work involved having to deal with bacterial skin infections and all sorts of other things. I hope it’s sorted for you quickly.

Let us know how you go on.

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