Hair Colour after using Cold Cap

Hair Colour after using Cold Cap

Hair Colour after using Cold Cap I have recently had my last chemotherapy and used the cold cap through 4 AC and 4 taxotere. Although my hair has thinned I still have a fair amount of hair with no bald patches but too much grey!

I know it is recommended to wait for six months before colouring hair after chemotherapy but is this still the same after using the cold cap?Does anyone know or has anyone coloured their hair soon after finishing chemo?



I used the cold cap Hi Lollie,

I finished 4 FEC and 4 Taxotere last july, my scalp was very sensitive to the Taxotere and I had infection of my hair follicles on 3 of the treatments.

I think I left it a good 4 months before I started experimenting with those wash-in/wash-outs, but managed to find a hairdresser (husbands friend) who agreed to put back in my highlights in Feb this year providing it was foils (to protect scalp) and I was willing to risk my fragile hair. The colours look great and I had a decent cut to level out my old and new hair and now it is really thick and growing back fast. I know of 2 other ladies who used the cold cap at the same time and their regular hairdressers made them wait for around 6 months and again insisted on foils.


I had 4FEC,4Taxol.I did use the cold cap but still lost my hair.It came back very white and thick.Dyed it blonde after three months with no problems and have been dying it ever since.