Hair dye experience- post chemo

Hair dye experience- post chemo

Hair dye experience- post chemo I am just starting to get my hair back (1cm) following chemo. It is rather grey and I would like to dye it. I have read articles about non-chemical dyes being recommended. Does anyone have any experience in using these? Many thanks.

I have a vague memory about this aswell, unfortunatelly my contact at the wig shop has left , but I have another hairdresser freind who may know. If my chemo brain holds out I will post another reply. Im sure there are dyes out there that are non chemical. I have some grey hair aswell now but I also have some nice curls.

Hi - I finished chemo Sept 07 - hair is now about 1inch all over, and is coming back wavy - which is lovely because I’ve never had waves! My Mum used to describe my hair as ‘as straight as pump water’. I certainly have never needed straighteners!

Anyway, to the point …I coloured my hair just before Christmas with a Naturtint permanent hair colourant. You can order over the internet from a place called ‘Natures Dream’ - the website address is: You will find lots of info on the website about the products being very gentle and natural, so you can judge for yourself.

I was really pleased with the result and intend to do it again in the next week or so.

Hope this helps, best of luck.



I have used the Naturtint range and have been very impressed. I bought it in a local health shop and my hairdresser applied it for me.Ive had lots of compliments about the colour!!

hope this helps

love cally xx