Hair dye

I no i have already asked the question regarding my hair. I finished my Chemotherapy on the 7th april 2014 and my hair is now about 1 inch, with the really hot weather i am struggling with my wig if i was to die it using a henna or vegatable colour as advised would this be too soon. I am just scared really. thanks 

The worst that can happen is it would fall out! I doubt it though if you are using something without ammonia in. I dyed mine recently with a loreal mousse dye I forgot to check if it had ammonia in or not so it was just a normal permanent dye but my hair was ok nothing fell out… although my last chemo was December.
One of the girls in our group bleached her hair and dyed it pink a month or 2 ago and her hair was fine. I’d say go for it, I deffo couldn’t wear a wig in this heat.
Good luck x