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I am hoping that there might be someone out there who might share my dilema, I finished chemo in March this year and getting married in September, stupid I know! It was my understanding that I could have hair extensions once I’ve 2 inches of hair but it turns out that my hair is taking much longer to achive the 2 inches. Has anyone had extensions and any advise you give I shall be grateful.


my daughter is a hair dresser, she says we have to be very careful with our new hair as it not as robust as our old hair, more like a babies hair. She said to me don’t do anything to your hair you wouldn’t do to a babies hair. Some say you can use a herbal dye after 6 months some say longer. But hair extensions may pull at the roots and make your hair follicles weak.

I finished chemo in Feb and I have only a short covering of about 1-2 cms, I too thought it would grow quicker than this. I am on herceptin and I have read on one of the threads on here that herceptin can slow hair growth, so short hair this summer. My daughter was getting married in September, she has moved the wedding now to April 2011. I am so pleased she has gives me a chance to get some more hair.

There is website called hair in recovery that is in with macmillan and gives good advise on hair extensions, might be worth looking at

Hi there
I have also been told to be very careful with hair extensions etc with new hair, as it is not as strong as hair that has been growing for a long time.
I would not risk having them for a few more months yet, but that is just me.
Perhaps speak to your hairdresser and see what he or she says?


Hi looking into extensions myself - and apparently there is a type where they use a web over your hair and attach to that allowing the new hair to continue to grow through. Going next week to find out more so will let you know…

Hello I have hair extentions (Balmain)

I used the cold cap and managed to keep a covering of hair,which was still past my shoulders , I decided to have them to add volume I finished chemo the end of February and had them fitted the end of april . They havn’t pulled on my existing hair, but they are high maintenance,
Pychologically they have made me feel better, But now I have decided to have them removed because my hair is coming in curly and fast!!,

If you can have them I would recommend it, even if you have them in for just a few months ,

ann x

Thanks everyone, I have been in touch with Macmillan Cancer who suggested that I get in touch with Toni and Guy. They work closely with Toni & Guy and have a wealth of knowledge on hair care after chemo, they do recommend hair extension after 6 months and the hair extensions/products they use is from a company called Racoon Recovery who only deal with cancer patients. Now all I have to hope for is the 2.5 inches of hair! Just out of interest has anyone achieved 2.5 inches of hair in 6 months?

Not sure if this is the one you were thinking about Vickie, thought l would bump it up, just in case
Sandra x

Hi anjalinayoung - not 2.5 inches in 6 months, but 1.5 inches in 4 months if that helps!

finty x

Hi all

My hair is just over 2 inches and its been 7 months since my last chemo. I also thought my hair was growing very slowly, does anyone know if it will start to grow quicker?


hiya - 4 mths finished chemo and not even an inch yet - tis quite thick though. I am on Tamoxifen and also Herceptin and pretty sure they are slowing things down - LR xx

Thanks everyone I have been using Rosemary oil on my hair and I don’t want to temp faith but I have 1.5 inches!

How does Rosemary oil works? Are there any side effects? Pls reply. I want to try it.