Hair - goen today, back tomorrow

Hair - goen today, back tomorrow

Hair - goen today, back tomorrow Hair

"How can I live without hair"was the cry when told the red devil would cause my hair to fall out. I didn’t like the idea of losing my hair which had taken me 2 years to get how I wanted it but needs must and I went and had it cut short. When it started to fall out just before my second round with the red devil my partner shaved it down to a blade 1, not very becoming but at least it looked better than bald patches everywhere.

The chemo nurse gave me a prescription for a wig, which I duly presented at a hairdresser on the list she had also kindly provided. In return for the prescription and the sum of £55.90 I received my wig. It was a dark red one, almost the same as my hair had been when I had hair. It was really nice but after wearing it for a while I felt as though I had a tight band round my head so I decided to look on eBay and see what else I could get. My first acquisition was long and straight and a lovely dark brown colour. It was really comfortable but made me look like an ageing hippy!! My second one was long, blond and wavy and despite my partner telling me it was lovely I decided I definitely was not a blond.

As there were problems with all three hairy items I decided to go bare headed and wear a beanie hat when it was cold (I had knit 6 in various colours so I was well prepared).

What I was not prepared for was my eyelashes and eyebrows and most of my other body hair falling out.

Red Devil is now finished and my hair is growing back, albeit slowly and I’m sure I didn’t have that much grey under my various coloured hair dyes.

My eyelashes and eyebrows are almost back to normal and the rest of my body hair is slowly returning.

So what now – well it’s back to dyeing, washing and styling my hair; plucking my eyebrows; curling my eyelashes; shaving my body hair and plucking the whiskers from my chin!!!

Now the cry is – “What am I going to do now I have hair again” all this hairy nonsense takes up so much of my time!!!

Luv Jan xx

Oh I can’t wait for eyelashes hair and eyebrows not too bad but I look likre and old chicken with no eyelashes. have a good time pluckin’ ;ove Eileel

I made the most of having no hair… After the initial shock of losing all my hair, body hair as well, I started seeing the plus side of it all…no shampoo or conditioner or hair spray or blow drying, no shaving body parts… in fact I took all of 2 minutes in the shower. I LOVED it.

The downside was nose watering with no nostril hairs, wiping my eyes with no eyelashes to do the job and weeing all over the toilet seat with no pubic hairs to direct the flow!

I was actually a bit sad to see the hair growing back, it was just added expense.

Love it !! I love this forum, I have just found something else out about myself today…

I am not the only one to pee all over the toilet seat, I was getting really worried about myself!!
I just had to laugh out loud at this, only here could I have found this most personal thing out…

I have had my chuckle for today, I am off now to have my 2nd injections on my first CMF. Hope it goes as good as last weeks.