Hair - Going, going - gone!!

Just to share my woes - had my first Taxotere on 20th July and my hair has started to fall out. I knew it would happen but still feels very soon. In many ways feel as sad about it as my surgery (mas and recon on 11th June).
My hair was never exactly my crowning glory and I would never have been featured in a shampoo advert but it is a sad day.
My wig is sitting expectantly and I know if this keeps up it will be on sooner than anticipated. Must look up some bandanas and scarves too.

I feel robbed - this cancer really is the pits! Still got to keep the spirits up, in a twisted way it reminds me that the drugs are doing their job and as my 11 year old son said isn’t is better to loose your hair and not feel so sick ! My 8 year old just wonders will I start to look like my follicle challenged older brother. Not a pretty thought.


Just think of this as your summer haircut… I am getting used to my bald eagle look and really, it isn’t that bad. OK, it isn’t fun to be bald but walk tall, head up and remember we other baldees are here for you xxx

Hi muddy,

I know exactly how you feel as I found the whole ‘losing my hair’ thing really difficult to deal with personally. I had v long hair prior to diagnosis in March. My bc nurse advised me to get it cut pre-chemo but I actually decided to go for a short style before I went into hosp for my mastectomy as I thought it would be easier to look after and less hassle.

Anyway, when I got home from my first Epi in May I got my boyfriend to shave it off to a No3 for me. I wanted to take some control of the situation. My scalp got v.sore and tingly before my hair fell out. Once it came out, which was 2 days after Epi 2, my head felt much better but I was gutted. Although I was sort of prepared as my hair was shaved it was still a lot harder than I could ever have imagined and people saying ‘it’ll grow back’ did not help matters!! I was v.tearful and cried buckets.

Well, I am pleased to say that those feelings were very short lived and I quickly got used to my baldie white head. Just think, no more messing about with hair products and electrical appliances!! You’ll be able to get ready to go out in double quick time now!

I have a couple of lovely wigs but do not wear them very often as I much prefer to wear my scarves. Check out www. Its an awesome american site, delivery is v.reasonable and quick,

Take care,


Look on the bright side - it’s really easy to manage. I found it to be natures way almost, as most days you don’t have the energy to bother washing and styling your hair anyway!
Mines now growing back at quite a pace - had last epirubicin Jan 2007 followed by CMF which finished May 2007.
Don’t let it get you down. Good luck! xx

I lost three quarters of my hair ten days after my first TAC but so far have kept the rest. Had my fourth lot last Thursday and a little came out last night. So far have kept eyebrows, eyelashes and all other hair. Am more worried about losing eyebrows than hair as have several Turbans and a good wig for occasional use but eyebrows are more obvious. Muddy you may find you dont lose anymore hair, my wig supplier said not to shave off my hair as it gives me a head start when my hair starts growing.

Thanks folks
I know you do understand, not like the well meaning - it will grow back thicker or who knows it might be curly.
It really is hard. I washed it - albeit very gently this morning and dried wiht no sprays etc.
I’m just sickened - I’ve never been a trendy hat. scarves person and this is such new territory but it is part of the process.
Like to say Val I really hope I hang onto my eylashes and eyebrows. My eyebrows were due for a wax but I have held off and hope that by keeping all the stray ones I’ll have enough to see me through. Was wondering is it a good idea to use mascara at the moment or to leave well alone in case the mascara might make them fall out?

thank you so much for the support, it really helps to hear your stories.
Kelly I will try the website for headgear.

thanks again


I think it may be best to leave off wearing mascara as i found removal of it usually eased out some eyelashes too! I lost some of my lashes and a couple of eyebrow hairs but neither went totally.
When I lost all my hair I had a really nice wig free from our local wig suppliers and could choose the style, colour etc. Don’t despair.
Mandarin Xx

Hi Muddy

I just wanted to echo the other girls comments really to say I know how you feel !

Just a month before I was diagnosed (4th April) I’d just had my hair cut into a “Pob” (as Victoria Beckham was wearing at the time), and I loved it. The thought of losing my hair absolutely devastated me, and when it started to come out after my second chemo, my hairdresser friend cut it really short for me. Literally a week later, my husband shaved it all off as it was coming out in handfuls. Yes, it was a very sad time, we both cried buckets. My kids accepted it better than I did - my 14 year old daughter immediately claimed my hair straighteners as her own ! Anyway, I did order a wig, but to be honest I’ve never worn it. I decided to go down the bandana and scarves route. There’s an excellent site I found called the bandana shop (I think). They’re very reasonably priced and arrive the next day - I’ve got lots now to coordinate with different outfits.

My eyelashes and eyebrows hung on that bit longer, but now they’ve both thinned. I think I have two eyelashes left on each eye now, but I’m still putting mascara on them !! (LOL).

Overall, although you won’t feel it now, you will get used to it Muddy. Look at the positive side- showers take no time at all now - there’s no hair to wash and condition, no legs, arms, bikini line to shave. And you never get a bad hair day ! My husband is delighted that he’s not paying for expensive haircuts and highlights every few months ! I don’t mean to make light of the situation, I know how hard it is when you lose your hair, but I promise you will get used to it, and to use a phrase I’m sure you’ve heard a million times (I know I have !) - “it will grow back” !!!

Take care
Lots of love

Julie xx

Thanks Mandarin and Julie
Appreciate constructive remarks. Met a so called friend last night who told me she would be devastated if her hair fell out but i would be ok as i have such fine features. She laughed that her mum had an old wig and imagine the itch of having to wear that every day. It was all I could do not to punch her and I have never punched anyone in my 37 years on this earth!!

Anyway, hair continues to fall out but the handful . My hairdresser cut it quite short so it dosen’t look just as lanky. Like you Julie, I too had had a ‘pob’ idea - quite long at sides and cropped at back and it was looking better than it had in years - ain’t life tough. Still it will grow.
Haven’t touched the eye lashes with mascara - will try and hold onto them as long as I can.

Thanks again folks