Hair grow after chemo&radiotheraphy

Does the hair grow back after Chemo? Mum finished her theraphy with Taxotere three weeks ago and she’s worried that her hair won’t grow back.Soon she will start her radiotheraphy and she’s worried about that too,what side effects coud have and if the radiotheraphy could influence her blood pressure.All the time she’s going to a hospital on emotional level I think her blood pressure goes high,she doesn’t know if could be a connection between this two factors.I will appreciate all your experience shared with me.Thanks

Hi Deanima

Reassure your Mum that it’s early days yet - the chemo is still in her system and so it may be a few weeks before she see her hair start to grow back. Most people will have a full covering of (short) hair 3 to 6 months after chemo ends.

It’s true that a very small percentage don’t regrow their hair, but it’s rare.

After chemo, radiotherapy is easy. Her hospital will explain everything to her and give her skincare instructions. The main side effects are to the skin on the area being treated. This varies from person to person, but may range from a bit of pinkness, like mild sunburn, to more severe sunburn like effects. Again, her team looking after her will keep a close eye on it and treat any symptoms as they arise.

Her BP rising when she goes near a hospital or doctor is quite a common reaction, particularly if she gets a bit anxious. As far as I know, the radiotherapy itself won’t be causing it.


PS I had FEC-T chemo, which finished mid July, and you can see how much hair I have now.

Hi I fin chemo in aug my hair took a gd 6 weeks to start I now have a small amount of covering it will grow just got to give it time my eyebrows and lashes grew before my hair dw tc Laura