Hair Growth

I’m on letrazole and have found my hair has stopped growing any suggestions on how I can stimulate growth. Thanks



It might be worthwhile posting this again with Letrozole in the subject title so that those ladies on letrozole can see it and perhaps help you


Helena xx

Hiya fishegb
Letrozole causes hair thinning so it could be the problem if you have just got through chemo maybe.
A lot of ladies here suggest hair and mane shampoo which Sainsburys are promoting at the moment for quick growth …yes it was originally made for horses but now in human form. There are also lots of other products that claim to promote hair growth but I haven’t tried them.


Sorry to hear that…what a nightmare for you.

Hair growth seems glacial after treatment at the best of times.

i used to measure mine once a month to reassure myself it was actually still moving on Herceptin.  It was but only 0.5 cm a month. 

I would suggest Biosil drops, I came across them in the context of detoxing but they are great for you hair, bones & nails too allegedly. My nails are miles stronger & don’t chip any more


Ps also make sure you’re getting enough B vitamins x

My chemo nurse recommended coconut oil massaged into the scalp. So far I’ve got more hair on my chin than my head, but it is coming along slowly. Not frizzy either, which is a bit of a shame! X