Hair Habit Stories!


I am just wondering if any of you did anything ‘routine’ that you would normally do when you had hair after you had lost it - if that makes sense!! Two days after having mine shaved off I went for my daily shower and put the hair trap in the plug hole! Wasn’t til I went to wash my ‘hair’ that I realised what I’d done! Lined the shampoo up on the side of the bath too!


hi…how long into chemo do u start to loose hair??? im starting chemo in bout 4 weeks

Hi Avril5050

Firstly welcome to this amazing online community. All the ladies on here are just fabulous. I started to lose my hair about 17 days after my first treatment. I had a sore head for two days and then wham! about 40% of it just fell out. I did try the cold cap three times but it didn’t work for me. However it could work for you so its worth a try. I was at treatment last monday and a lady there still had a fab head of really long hair so the cap is working for her.

When mine started to fall I had it cut short so the loss wasn’t so obvious but another two weeks after that hair cut my hair just looked ill if you know what I mean, so I took the plunge and had a grade one all over and felt just fantastic after the shave. Free and no longer having to constantly hoover the house and have hair all over my tops etc.

What drugs are you going to have do you know yet?

Good luck with your treatment I hope it’s kind to you.

Stay in touch, be good to hear how you get on

Best wishes

hi thanks, hairdresser just turned up to cut my hair short, not sure bout drugs i will be on but my nurse said i will loose my hair dont fancy the cold cap…goin hossi nxt week for masectamy…keep u updated…love avril

had word with hairdresser and she says she will come and shave my head wen i feel i want it done …shes done it before for women…i just ant nxt tuesday to arrive so i can start to tackle all this chat soon i hope avril

About 2 weeks after my first chemo I felt a tingling on the crown of my head and then it started to fall out. I did not have my wig at that time so I just tried to spray it with hair spray until the wig came. Four days later, my wig arrived and my son helped me literally pull it out. Weird for me and also my poor son. I used a very mild shampoo that I used after that but honestly, I dont think anything helps until you are done with chemo and it starts to come back in around 2 weeks after you are done. I went from April until Oct with a wig and then my hair was long enough to go without the wig. The one good thing about losing my hair was that I got the chance to grow it out with my natural color which was very pretty. There is an up side to everything I guess

now you have all cheered me up!My boob was not worth shedding a tear for , daft little thing, but my lovely hair!!!
I may not have to go there at all but non-the less you 've eased the worry .
Good Luck and Thanks .

Remember - you can always draw or paint rabbits on your head once the hair as fallen out.

because from a distance - they look like hares!!!