Hair loss and thin !! :-(

Hi Guys, just wondered if you have ideas to thicken my hair. Always had a mass of curly red hair… and even after being diagnoised at 37 and chemo/rads/tamoxifen etc it was the same… however in 2009 I was diagnoised again chemo/rads/femera and now ovaries removed… I NOW HATE MY HAIR I HAVE SPENT MY WHOLE LIFE BEING BULLIED FOR HAVING RED HAIR IN SCHOOL AND THEN AFTER THAT… BEING “KNOWN” FOR MASSES OF RED HAIR ( in a good way lol)…I so miss my hair… its soo thin :frowning: I think tHe lack of Oestrogen is the prob, but does anyone have the answer…

Hi F1Fan

After chemo (had cold cap) my hair was very thin (had started thinning out before though) my hairdresser recommended to not use big brand shampoos as sold in most supermarkets as he said majority of them have platics in them which coat your scalp and hair.

He recommended me to try a product called Nioxin, which has scalp treatments, shampoos, conditioners etc. Gave it a go and it really helped me and the other half uses it to now and his thinning bald spot has improved. Its not cheap but you only have to use a very small amount so works out better then you originally think.

Also try kelp from health foods as that helps with the hair and scalp

Good luck

Alex xx

Thanks alexc23… you would think that after everything else this would be the least of my worries but i find myself checking the mirror all the while to see how bald it looks !! I have Never been a vain person so I find this all a bit strange. Losing my hair to chemo never bothered me, but this does!! How stupid. Going to try the Nioxin and Kelp… thanks for the tip. Hope all is going well with you. x

Hi F1Fan,

My hair thinned terribly during chemo, I used Natur Vital alopecia shampoo’s etc which I thought worked quite well. However my hairdresser introduced me to IntraForce by Redken, I was sceptical about another ‘wonder product’ and it’s not cheap (£40). However, there’s a 28 day money back guarantee with it so I thought what the heck and gave it a bash. It could have different results for you but after 3 months, my hair is thicker than it ever was and bits that were completely bald have a couple of inches of hair on them now. After the first month even my hairdresser was impressed. I’ll find a link to it so you can have a look…

Caroline x

Here we go…

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this forum thing and just trying to find my way around it. I have finished all my treatment and my hair has started to grow back - luckily it has grown back as thick as it was before treatment but it’s fair to say it looks like a mullet on my head. I want to grow it but need to have it cut at the same time - does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it on a day to day basis?

Thank you all for your hints and tips… will try them all x. To Greenwich Sarah, after two rounds of trying to sort out post chemo mullet hair I would recommed 6 weekly trims of hair to cut out the ends that still hold all the chemicals in… if you have a mass of hair that is out of control now, then the end result will be good after time :-D. I found with my thick curly hair that it just took time to even out the cut and shape before I could start to grow it again. Hope this helps. x

Oh, and on a day to day basis lots and lots of conditioner and dont wash it too often cos it just strips your hair of the nutrients it needs to build up x