Hair loss, hair regrowth and cold cap success photos for you to biew

hi, just to post in the chemo thread as it’s the most relevant place. For those of you worried about losing your hair, or wondering about regrowth, scarves, hats and what a cold cap success looks like, have a look on the new twitter account for Younger Breast Cancer Network (UK). This is our Facebook support group for younger women with breast cancer, and our members have been posting photos in the confines of our private group for many months, but now we are starting to put them on our new twitter account too so that everyone can see. The account is @YBCN_UK , and the hashtag we have dedicated to this fine activity is #YBCNhairwatch . It’s really helped our members to cope with hair loss or to endeavour with cold cap so we thought we would extend the benefits outside of our closed group. Hope this helps some of you. X

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Sorry what do I have to do to go onto the twitter account pls. I never used twitter before. Thx x