Hair loss on hormone treatment

Hi all

Has anyone lost all their hair on letrozole/palbobciclib combo? Mine started falling out about 5 weeks ago (on cycle 5) and doesn’t seem to be stopping. my onco said it should stop but at the minute I can’t walk past a comb without more dropping out. Does it ever grow back? I know it’s a bit vain but it’s like an outward sign that something is wrong inside.

thanks in advance x

Hi, my hair is a bit thin. I’ve been on the combo for over 18 months. I don’t tolerate the Palbociclib very well so I’ve stopped counting cycles, what with hospital admissions and little rests. It’s working for my lung mets, so although I wouldn’t be a happy bunny, what’s the alternative? I do use very expensive shampoos, volumisers and thickeners now, where before this anything on offer would do. Don’t know wether this is helpful, but best wishes. X

Hi ,the best tip that I can give you is when drying hair dont rub hard with a towel just pat dry ,also try not to use hairdryer .comb with a large tooth comb so not to pull on your hair and never use a brush on wet hair .I lost all my hair on Chemo infusion first time and it grew back once i finished treatment ,not sure about the combo medication you are on at the moment .Mine is just dropping a little ,hope it helps x

Diweb did your hair stop shedding and did you get regrowth taking Ibrance and Letrozole?